Sunday, November 4, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 45

Week 45: Genealogy Speakers. Which genealogy speaker has left the biggest impression on you? What is it about that speaker that you like the most? What is his or her general focus? Does this person speak at regional or national conferences? Share why other genealogists should attend this speaker’s sessions.

I would have to say Elizabeth Shown Mills is my favorite.  She is always prepared, concise, and speaks directly to her topic - a professional in every possible way.  She could probably lecture on any genealogy topic but is best known for her emphasis on citing sources.  I particularly enjoy her sessions regrading researching men of the same name and other frequently encountered but often difficult research problems. I have had her as my instructor at IGHR in Birmingham and always attend her lectures at national conferences.  I have heard some of her sessions more than once and would listen to them again at any given opportunity.  Why I think others should attend her session?  Because, quite simply, she is the best of the best the genealogy world has to offer.

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