Saturday, September 26, 2009

Which Goodman Family? Part 2

This is the second part of my search for Nancy Goodman's family.

By 1830, when Ephraim Comstock and wife Nancy Goodman were living in Carroll County, TN, most of the Goodmans that had been in Maury Co in 1820 had also left that county. Robert Bates, who married Nancy's probable sister Mahala, appears to be in Hickman Co, TN in 1830, and so is Alexander Goodman, who was one of the Goodmans back in Maury Co in 1820. Alexander is not a good candidate for Nancy's father, reasons will follow later.

There were in fact a number of Goodmans in Hickman Co TN by 1830. Alexander was there and on the same page with him was Asa [proved to be a son of Alexander] and a quite elderly Jessee, now age 70-80. There had been an older than age 45 "Jessey" on the same page with Alexander back in 1820, in Maury Co, too. Another group of Goodmans on a different page were a Drewry, age 20-30, a Robertson, age 20-30, and a John, age 40-50. There had been a John age 26-45 back in Maury in 1820 and he had older male children in the family. They could be all be part of that same family [or not] but any relationship to Alexander is unknown.

Also in Hickman Co in 1830, each on a separate page is an Ephraim Goodman, age 20-30, a Robert age 30-40, and a Terrel age 20-30.

The only Goodman family remaining in Maury Co in 1830 was the family of a William Goodman, was was age 30-40 - about 10 years older than my Nancy. William had as many as nine children in his household. There had been three Williams Goodmans in 1820.

No Goodman families had moved to Perry Co, TN by 1830 - at least none were noted in the census.

In Carroll Co, TN where Ephraim & Nancy Goodman Comstock were living, along with the widowed Nancy Goodman, there was one other Goodman family in 1830.

James Goodman had 1 male child, age 5-10, 2 males age 10-15, a male age 15-20, and a male age 40-50 [presumably himself]. He had 1 female child under 5, two girls 5-10, 2 girls 10-15, one female age 20-30 and one female age 40-50.

Note: There was no Carroll County in 1820 - it was formed from Indian Lands 1821 & 1822. No James Goodman can be found in Tennessee in 1820. I feel he is likely totally unrelated to the Nancys. This 1830 Carroll Co census is a bit unusual in that part of it seems to be arranged by neighborhoods as the surnames are random - another part of it has been semi-alphabetized by surname. The Comstocks and the widow Nancy Goodman were the part seemingly by neighbors; James Goodman was on an alpha page. Probably two different enumerators in two divergent areas.

Since Fleming Goodman was in Maury Co TN in 1820, Perry Co TN in 1840, but not with the others in Hickman Co in 1830, I searched for him. The only man of this name that year was in Wayne Co, TN. He is listed as Flemming Goodman with only one male age 60-70 [which is the same age as the man of this name is in 1840], a female 10-15, a female 15-20, and a female age 40-50 [in 1840, the female in the household of Fleming in Perry Co was the same age]. So even though Fleming is a relatively unusual given name, I would doubt that this is the same man - except there was also a John Goodman in Wayne Co, though not on the same page as Fleming & Johns were found in 1820 and 1840 counted next to Fleming. There was also an S. C. Goodman in Wayne Co, age 20-30 with young children and a spouse of the same age.

In 1840, when Ephraim & Nancy Comstock are found in Perry County, TN, there were several Goodman families living there, but the Comstocks did not appear to live near them. Many researchers have not located Ephraim in this census, his surname looks more like "Humpstock" but the makeup of the family is a very close match, and they were on the same page as Amos Randle/Randel, whose son married Ephraim & Nancy's only daughter. I'm confident it was Ephraim and family.

The Goodmans in Perry Co TN in 1840 were these three:
Fleming Goodman: 1 male age 60-70, 1f age 60-70 [was in Maury in 1820, but had no daughters that could have been Nancy]
John Goodman: 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 30-40, 1m 40-50; 2f under 5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, and a female age 40-50. [John and Fleming enumerated next to each other as they were in Maury in 1820. John had a 10-16 year old female in his household in 1820, although he was listed as 16-26 and probably not her father, and he also had two older women, over 45, living in his household.]
Caleb Goodman: 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40; 1f under 5, 1f 5-10, 2f 10-15, and a female 30-40. It is possible that this is the S. C. Goodman who was in Wayne Co with Fleming and John in 1830.
The Comstocks did not seem to be living near any of these Goodman families and I doubt that Nancy had a direct kinship to this group.

"Mahaly" Goodman Bates was living in Williamson Co TN in 1840, now widowed, apparently recently since she lists three of the children as under five. No Goodman families there, but there was a much older Robert Bates. Mahaly's family contained 1 male under 5, 2 males 15-20, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20, and 1 female age 30-40 [probably Mahala]. I will state here that I suspect Robert Bates of having been married prior to his marriage to Mahala and probably had some children with the first wife.

Still in Hickman Co TN in 1840 were Alexander and Asa D. Goodman, father and son. This time Alexander is on the same page with Robertson and Drury Goodman who are adjacent each other and two pages away from Asa. Later deeds from Perry Co which prove Asa's relationship to Alexander give no hints that Drury and Robertson were part of the same family, but Asa, Drury and Robertson were all age 30-40 in 1840. There was an older John Goodman living near Drury & Robertson in 1830 - listed as age 40-50 in 1830. In 1840, there was still a John Goodman in Hickman Co, but his age remained the same - perhaps an error on the part of the enumerator, or maybe not even the same John.

The one Goodman found in Maury Co TN in 1820, that is conspicuously missing from all this census evaluation for 1830 and 1840, is Abraham Goodman who lived next to Fleming and John in 1820.

Back in Maury Co TN in 1840, the Goodmans had increased in numbers. There was a John B., age 40-50 with his family. A John J. Goodman, age 30-40 with his family, counted next to a widow, Nancy N. Goodman, age 40-50. Nancy had a male child 10-15 and a female child age 5-10 in her household. There is a possibility according to unsourced Internet data that she was the widow of Abraham Goodman who had been in Maury in 1820, living next to Fleming & John Goodman - however, I believe Abraham's widow would have been older as they had teen-aged children in 1820. I think instead the Nancy Goodman living in Carroll Co is a better candidate. Abraham is found in databases online to have had a wife Nancy.

Part 3 will be more about Abraham Goodman and the possibility that he could have been the father of Nancy Goodman who married Ephraim Comstock.