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Children of William Haden (ca 1741-1819) Part IV - Mary Haden Wilson, Nancy Haden Porter and Sally, the Younger

This is the fourth and final post about the children of William Haden, son of John, grandson of Anthony of Goochland and Hanover Counties. As stated in the first post - there are eleven children, I will not cite sources in these posts listing the children and grandchildren, but feel free to email me if you want additional information, or visit my website linked on the right-hand side of the Blog. My purpose is not to provide here everything I have found, but to alert the unsuspecting to many of the errors that have been perpetuated regarding the family.

9.  The ninth [or tenth] child of William Haden was Mary "Polly", born about 1800 after the family had moved to Logan Co, KY.  Mary married John Wilson, 10 Jan 1817, in Logan Co.  A deed in 1821 established that the couple by then lived in neighboring Butler County - by 1830, they had gone to Missouri, just outside St. Louis.  There are many Wilsons in both Logan and Butler Counties - I've never been able to place John.  John is thought to have died perhaps 1838 or 1839; neither John nor Mary seem to be in the 1840 census, but Mary can be found in St. Louis Co. in 1850 - twice in fact.  Both her entries are next to a Francis Karman/Carman, so undoubtedly two enumerators crossed paths.  The two enumerations are interesting - one has the grown children listed, children that also appear in other places with their own families.  Looking at other pages of both enumerators revealed that one seemed to even have trouble consecutively numbering his pages - his name was Frederick Politz and I even found his own listing in a St. Louis Ward and he was age 35, born in Germany.  I believe he had some language difficulties.  The other enumerator, Cornelius Vanausdal seemed to know what he was doing and actually lived in the same district, District 82, that he counted, and where Mary Wilson was located in Household 1922.  Mary was still in St. Louis Co in 1860; descendants believe she died about 1867.  The Wilson children were:

...Benjamin H. Wilson, born about 1819. married Isabella Ann McGinnis, 13 Feb 1840, St. Louis Co. MO.  His family lived in Lafayette Co, MO in 1850.  Isabella died sometime during the next decade, and in 1860, Ben's wife was Adelaide.  They continued to live in Lexington, Lafayette Co through 1880.  Benjamin had at least seven children; no more than the youngest one or two could have been Adelaide's and all were born by 1857, so Isabella may have been the mother of all the children.

...Nancy Wilson, born about 1822 was at home with her mother in 1850 and 1860 and then in 1870 she made her home with her brother Leonidas, still in Bonhomme Township, St. Louis Co.  Apparently she never married.

...Lycurgus Wilson was born about 1823.  He surely moved to Missouri with his family, as he would have been just a boy, but he returned to Kentucky.  He married Mary D. James, 1 Jul 1847, Butler Co, KY.  His name occurs as "Acurtes" in one census.  His family lived in Ohio Co, KY in 1850, but they were in Clark Co MO, 1860, then Lafayette Co MO in 1870 and 1880.  Only four children are found in the censuses.

...Leonidas Wilson was born 5 Feb 1824 in Butler Co, KY, according to descendants.  He married Dorothy Price, 7 May 1846, St. Louis Co MO.   They lived out their lives in Bonhomme Township, St. Louis Co.  There were seven children.  Leonidas died 27 Dec 1887, Dorothy died 13 Jan 1892.

...Agnes E. Wilson was born about 1828 in St. Louis Co MO.  She was still at home with her mother in 1850 and 1860.   I found a marriage in St. Louis: Agnes E. Wilson to James McFarland, 8 Mar 1861, but have not found the couple in a subsequent census.

...Sarah "Sally" Wilson was born about 1831, St. Louis Co.  She was with her mother in 1850, but not in 1860.  I did find a St. Louis marriage for Sarah Wilson to Francis Elliott, 8 Mar 1852, but when I found what seemed to be this couple in 1860, they both had a birthplace as Ireland.  They did have two children and the five-year-old daughter was named Mary Ann.  If there was an error in the birthplace and this is the right Sarah Wilson Elliott, then she could have named her first daughter for her mother.  But this is speculation and I cannot be sure it is the right Sarah.

...Mariah Jane Wilson was born about 1834, St. Louis Co.  She married John D. Woody, 27 Jul 1858.  The censuses show him to be several years older and he may have been living with his first wife, named Charity, in 1850.  I found the family in 1860 still in Bonhomme Township, but by 1870 John D. Woody had married again.  I believe that Mariah died between 1865 and 1868, leaving two young daughters.

...Mary "Polly" Wilson, named for her mother, was born about 1837, St. Louis Co.  I believe she is the Mary Wilson who married William Stoops, 28 Mar 1859, in St. Louis.  I have no other confirmation and could be wrong.  I have seen a database online that placed William Stoops' wife in another family, but none of the dates or ages made sense - they even had William's age wrong.  William and Mary Stoops were living in St. Louis Ward 3 in 1860.  He was a baker and they seem to be living among extended family - likely his mother, born in Ireland, a brother, etc.  In 1870, William and Mary were still with Anna Stoops, probably his mother.  By 1880, the Mary, wife of William, had aged only three years since 1870.  I wondered if she was still Mary Wilson, or if she had died and William had married a second and younger Mary.  There were four children.

10.  Nancy J. Haden, daughter of William Haden was born about 1798.  All the other Haden research, has Mary and Nancy in this order, with Nancy as younger of the two.  My research based on later census records suggests that Nancy was perhaps two years older than Mary - maybe Nancy was the 9th child and Mary the 10th.  Mary married a few months before Nancy did and maybe that's why she has always been assumed to be older than Nancy.  Nancy married William Porter, 21 Oct 1817, in Logan Co - his parents were John Porter Jr. and Sarah Clark and they lived in neighboring Butler Co.  It is believed William & Nancy set up housekeeping in Butler Co.  On 22 Feb 1822, William & Nancy Porter sued the other heirs of William Haden over the allottment of slaves - a case that gave me another list of all the heirs of William Haden.  Part of the problem was that the older children had already received slaves and the Porters thought all of them should be sold to make an equitable division.  This did not happen, rather the slaves were valued and some cash adjustments made.  The Porters had to pay the costs of the suit. They are believed to have lived in Butler Co in 1830, but there are three William Porters and none seem quite right.  According to Porter family research, William Porter was murdered in New Orleans in July of 1838, probably on a flatboat trip connected with his salt business.  In 1840, Nancy is found in Ohio Co KY, where she continued to live near her grown children until her death, 12 Mar 1884.

...William Haden Porter, was born 15 Sep 1818, Morgantown, Butler Co, KY.  He married Hannah Lee, 21 Dec 1848, Ohio Co KY.  He fought in th Mexican War and was a Major, then Colonel, in the Union Army during the Civil War.  He and Hannah were both still living in 1880.

...Sarah Jane Porter was born about 1823.  The early censuses suggest there may have been one or even two sons born between William and Sarah, but if so they died young.
Sarah married Richard C. Hobdy, 11 Mar 1841.  They lived in Ohio Co, KY  There were at least eight children.  Sarah died about 1865; Richard died in April of 1870.

...Pamelia A. Porter was born about 1827, Butler Co KY.  She married Milton Taylor, 16 Feb 1847, Ohio Co KY.  They had five children.  Milton died 19 Dec 1865.  In 1880, Pamelia's mother Nancy was living with her, Nancy was then age 82.  Pamelia died 1 Aug 1888, about four years after her mother's death.

...John Porter was born maybe about 1829.  Porter researchers do not agree on this child's placement in the family.  He apparently died as an infant or young child.

...Egbert O. Porter was born 3 Jul 1830.  He married Lucretia A. Shields, 25 Oct 1853, Ohio Co KY.  They had three children.  Egbert and Lucretia were still living in 1880.

...Martin VanBuren Porter was born about 1834, probably Butler Co.  Some place births of the later children in Ohio Co.  The date of the move is not known.  Martin married 25 Dec 1859, in Ohio Co, to Sarah Angeline Taylor and they continued to live in Ohio Co KY.  There were four children  Martin died before the 1880 census and is said buried Brickhouse Cemetery, Ohio Co KY.  Sarah Angeline died 19 Sep 1921.

11.  Sally Haden, the Younger.   William Haden married in December of 1807 to Mrs. Sally Johnston.  They had a single child, also named Sarah "Sally" born about 1811-1812.  She had a middle initial - J. or I., it's impossible to know which since there is no record of the name.  William's oldest daughter Sally, was already deceased, so I'm sure this youngest child was named for the deceased sister she would never know, as well as for her mother.  If Mrs. Johnston brought any Johnston children to the marriage, they are unknown.  In 1810, she was in the 26-45 years of age category and all the others in the household of William Haden can be matched to his own unmarried children.  The young Sally was not yet born in 1810.  William died in late 1819, and her mother was Sally's first guardian.  However, Sally Johnston Haden herself died before October of 1822, leaving young Sally a true orphan.  Luckily her half-brother Samuel was the one appointed her guardian and he was not one of the several brothers that died within the next few years.  Sally did marry very young however, probably only about age 15, 27 Feb 1826, to Dr. Churchill Haden Blakey, son of George Blakey and Margaret Whitsitt, and a younger brother to Pamela that married Sally's half-brother William.  As her husband he assumed guardianship of Sally.  However, Churchill died 23 September, not quite seven months after the marriage.  Sally, although having been married, was still underage, and her brother-in-law, Thomas Blakey, was appointed her guardian.  Churchill's father Geroge had previously given Churchill several slaves, which by law reverted back to George; instead George deeded them to Sally after his son died.   Sally Blakey married Wilkins Watson, 10 Dec 1829, Logan Co.  I found them in Pettis Co, MO in 1850.  Wilkins Watson was also a physician.  They continued to live in Pettis Co through 1870, but by 1880, Sarah Watson was a widow.  There were two daughters.

...Rosalie Watson, born about 1833 in Kentucky.  Rosalie was a school teacher and apparently never married.  She was still living with her mother in 1880.  I did find a Rosa Watson still in Pettis Co MO in 1900, but the age was some twenty years off.  I still suspect it may have been Rosalie.

...Margaret D. Watson was born in Kentucky, 1836.  She married James H. Brown, 3 Nov 1853, in Pettis Co MO.   By 1870, Margaret must have died, because three children, Rosalie Brown age 13, Maggie Brown age11, and Watson Brown, age 8, were living with Wilkins and Sarah Watson in Sedalia, Pettis Co, Missouri.

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Children of William Haden (ca 1741-1819) Part III - John M. and Samuel H.

This is the third post about the children of William Haden, son of John, grandson of Anthony of Goochland and Hanover Counties. As stated in the first post - there are eleven children, I will not cite sources in these posts listing the children and grandchildren, but feel free to email me if you want additional information, or visit my website linked on the right-hand side of the Blog. My purpose is not to provide here everything I have found, but to alert the unsuspecting to many of the errors that have been perpetuated regarding the family.

7.  John M. Haden was the seventh child of William and Ann Johnson Haden.  His middle name is believed to have been Moseley, his paternal grandmother's surname.  There are several John Moseley Hadens throughout the family to keep separated - luckily they are different generations.  He was born about 1788 in Kentucky.  He married Margaret Caldwell Jackson, daughter of John Jackson and Mary Cook, in Warren Co, KY on 7 Mar 1814.  The Ancestral File of the LDS church has an exact date for his death that I have not seen elsewhere as 9 Feb 1817.  A short autobiography written by a grandson, Joseph Benjamin Haden, in 1930, says that: "My paternal grandfather was John Haden of Kentucky. He was thrown from a horse and killed before he reached the age of thirty."   Joseph Haden, John's older brother, was appointed guardian to John's two infant sons at the April Term of the Logan Co Court, 1820 - other family members would take over the guardianship after Joseph died.  Apparently John's brother James was the administrator of the estate and after James died, James's widow and her brother became responsible.  The early deaths of so many of the family members did create a lot of documents!  The final settlement of John's estate in 1823, does show the rental of his farm in 1817 and 1818.  Margaret remarried to Samuel David Sublett on 8 Feb 1819, and they continued to live on her dower lands for several years.  Samuel Sublett appeared to be living with a married daughter in 1850, then with a son in Daviess Co KY in 1860.  Margaret apparently died prior to 1850.  The two sons of John Mosely and Margaret Jackson Haden are named as heirs of John M., deceased, in the estate settlement documents of their Haden grandfather.

...John M. Haden, was born 12 Feb 1815, according to the Ancestral File - a date for which I have no other proof but seems substantially correct.   He married Frances A. White, 5 May 1843, in Canton, Madison Co MS.  Her parents were John White and Frances Proctor and they had previously lived in Logan Co.  Frances Proctor was a niece of Thomas Proctor who had married John M.'s aunt, Sally Haden.  In 1837, John M. Haden had mortgaged his share of his father's lands to his uncle William Haden and in 1840 his stepfather Samuel Sublett assumed this mortgage in order to sell his wife's dower lands and the shares of her sons.  In 1850, John and Frances and their two children, Mary age 5, and William A. age 2, were found in Jasper County, MO - both children having been born in Missouri.  By February of 1852, John had died and Frances A. Haden was made administratrix of his estate.  Frances and the children moved back to Kosciusko in Attala Co, MS, after John's death.  I have a photo of Fendle Haden, a grandson of John M. & Frances who was then about eighteen; the photo was made at Starkville, MS and he may have been a college student.  Apparently the photo had been sent to his Texas cousins.

A John Haden [who I believe was more likely originally a Hadden, not of the Haden family] was born 10 Dec 1816 in Logan Co KY and died 20 Jan 1892, buried Red River Cemetery in Logan Co.  He married Nancy C. Neel in January of 1859.  The Hadden family lived along the Red River; the Neils were neighbors.  He has been confused with John M. Haden above.  I have a copy of a deed of gift when John M. and William Franklin Haden's mother Margaret Jackson Haden Sublett gave money to their daughters, her granddaughters, in Missouri, proving without doubt that I have identified the correct John M. Haden who did not marry Nancy Neel and did not remain in Logan County.

...William Franklin Haden, the second son of John Moseley and Margaret Jackson Haden, was born 30 Sep 1817 in Warren County, KY.  He was my husband's great great grandfather.  If the date of death of his father is correct, he was born several months after his father died.  He had a first marriage, not generally known by the family, to Mary Martha Ann Gaines of Warren Co, daughter of Elizabeth B. Gaines.  They married 13 Jun 1837 and had two young daughters by 1840.  William sold his share of his father's land to his stepfather in 1839 and sometime soon after the 1840 census, the family left for Missouri.  They may have gone first to Jasper Co where his older brother was living, or possibly even traveled with his brother's family, but they soon settled in Greene County - Mary Martha either died on the way to Missouri or soon after their arrival.  William F. married Mary Jane Perkins on 16 Dec 1845 in Greene Co, MO.  She was the daughter of John Perkins and Mary Jane "Polly" Dunlavy and had been raised in Logan Co KY - they undoubtedly had been previously acquainted back in Kentucky.  The Hadens lived in the part of Greene Co that became Christian Co MO in 1859.  William F. is said to have gone with a party, including some of the Perkins family, to California during the Gold Rush, but found no gold and soon returned to Missouri.  During the Civil War they lived in an area where much of the guerilla activity took place and at some point, William F. was arrested under suspicion as a Confederate spy.  I have a family letter describing how the two older daughters of his first marriage rode horseback over the Ozark mountains from Christian County MO, to Fort Smith, Arkansas, to seek his release.   During his absence, the Yankees burned out Mary Jane and she took their seven children, including an infant, and her stepdaughters, to Grayson County, Texas.  Some of the Blakey family had already moved to Grayson Co from Missouri, so likely that was the reason for that particular destination.  After William F. was released from prison, he joined his family - they lived briefly in Lamar Co, TX and then settled in Ladonia, Fannin Co, where they would remain for the next three generations.  My husband was in fact born in Ladonia in 1939, but no Hadens are left there now.  Two more daughters were born to William F. and Mary Jane after the war for a total of nine children.  William Franklin Haden died 8 Sep 1880 and is buried Ladonia Cemetery; Mary Jane lived until 30 Jan 1918.  Mary Jane deeded her home in "part of the original plat of the Town of Ladonia" to her grandson, Robert Charles Haden, in 1910; he was my husband's grandfather.  The home is still in Ladonia and lived in although it no longer belongs to the family.  My husband's father and his three brothers were all born in that home.

8.  Samuel H. Haden was probably just younger than John Mosley Haden, born maybe about 1789-1791.  Subsequent research could alter the order and birth years of the Haden children since none have actual proof, but dates when they became land owners, appeared on tax rolls, and married have been carefully considered.  Samuel's middle name is unknown, although it might have been Harris for the surname of his maternal grandmother.   Samuel is thought to have been the same Samuel "Hayden" who married Rebeccah Harris, 30 Jul 1813, in Madison County, KY - although that place was some distance from Logan County.  Robert Harris, father of the bride, gave consent, but more than one Robert Harris was living in Madison Co at that time.  There were Haden cousins, as well as Harris families from Albemarle Co VA, living in Madison Co KY.  There is at least one earlier marriage between the Haden and Harris families back in Virginia.  Letters in the Haden family show that sometimes sons were sent to live with uncles or older cousins to learn how to manage a plantation - perhaps Samuel had gone to Madison Co for that purpose, or even just for a visit or adventure when he met Rebecca.  Family tradition in the descendants of Samuel also believe his wife was Rebecca.  There is, however, a deed in Logan Co KY in January of 1836, when Samuel's wife is listed as Frances Haden, and she signs with that name.   In the 1850 census in Simpson Co, KY where they were then living, the apparent spouse in the household has only an initial for her name - but it is F. Haden.  Samuel's oldest son named his first daughter Rebecca, but Samuel named no daughters either Rebecca or Frances.  And one descendant had dates for Rebecca's birth as 14 Jan 1792 and her death as 4 Jan 1835 from old family papers discovered in an old dresser or desk - the death is within a year after the birth of their 10th and last child.  I believe that Samuel remarried soon after her death.  There is a tradition Frances may also have been a Harris - a cousin of Rebecca.  He had moved to neighboring Simpson Co about the same time as the deed of 1836 and the marriage may have taken place there where the records have been lost in a courthouse fire.  Because of the loss of records in Simpson County, and the fact that the census enumerator used only initials for most names in 1850 and 1860, researching Samuel's family has been a challenge.  Here are the children of Samuel H. and Rebecca Harris Haden; the exact birth dates came from the family papers described above - I do not have copies, only a transcription sent by email.

...William was born 7 Aug 1814.  He married Elizabeth J. Proctor, 11 Sep 1837 in Logan County KY.  Elizabeth was the daughter of John Proctor and Elizabeth Furbush - John Proctor was a nephew of the Thomas Proctor that married William's aunt, Sally Haden.  By 1860, the couple had six children, the youngest born circa 1854, but no spouse/mother was present.  Sometime before 1862, William married again to Amanda E. Calls and they had five more children.  The family still lived in Simpson Co for the 1880 census.

...Robert Harris [some say Harrison] Haden was born 7 Mar 1816.  He married Jane Elizabeth Curtis in East Feliciana Parish, 9 Nov 1843 - they had ten children.  One of their daughters was named Frances Rebecca Haden perhaps using the names of both of his father's wives.  Their youngest was named Robert Harris Haden - I believe that was also most likely his father's middle name.  The two oldest children were born in Louisiana but by 1848, the family was back in Simpson Co KY.  Jane died in 1871 and within a few years, Robert married Mary A. "Mollie" Kinchloe who is with him in 1880 in Christian Co KY.  Mollie was probably a young widow because a nine-year-old stepson, W. W. Kinchloe is also in the household in 1880, along with a small daughter, listed as "A. B. Haden"age 1.  Family papers say that Robert died in Montgomery Co, Tennessee, 8 Dec 1892.

...Ann H. "Nancy" Haden was born 27 Sep 1817; she married Joshua H. Spencer, son of David and Elizabeth C. Spencer on 8 Jan 1834, Logan co KY.  They had probably five children as listed by their initials in the 1850 Simpson Co KY census.  I haven't found the family in 1860, nor 1870, but in 1880 Ann was living in the household of her oldest son, Samuel Spencer in Warren Co KY.  A descendant of this line found Ann's grave, Wand Cemetery, Warren Co; she is buried near her son David and his wife.  Ann died 11 Apr 1904.

...Tyree Joseph Haden was born 27 Nov 1819, Logan Co KY.  The somewhat unusual name Tyree is a given name used often in the Harris family found in Albemarle Co VA and later in Madison Co KY.  He married in Platte County, MO, to Mourning Thorpe, 19 Jun 1840.  The family was in Platte County for the 1850 census, but back in Simpson Co KY by 1860 with six children, all born in Missouri.  Phillips Cemetery, Simpson Co has graves for Morning Haden [14 Feb 1818 - 15 Jun 1861] and two of the daughters, Mary E. who died at age 20; and Ann E. at age 15.  By 1880, Tyree was living with his youngest daughter in Muhlenberg Co KY.  An S. H. Haden is a Civil War soldier buried Smith's Grove Cemetery, Warren Co KY with the dates, S. H. Haden, b. 24 Oct 1842, d. 26 Oct 1926 - I believe this to be one of the sons of Tyree and Mourning - Samuel H. Haden, who was age 18 in 1860.  [Yes, there were a plethora of Samuel H. Hadens...]

...Benjamin Haden was born 3 Oct 1821.  Nothing else has been found; perhaps he died young.  He appears to have been counted in the 1830 census, but probably not in 1840.

...Catherine L. Haden was born 6 Sep 1824, Logan Co, KY.  Nothing else found.  She does seem to be accounted for in the 1840 census.

...Mary E. Haden, born 8 Dec 1826.  Family papers say she died 16 May 1890, in Kansas City, MO, but there is no information about a marriage or family or how she may have ended up in Kansas City.   If these children were married in Simpson Co, which is likely, the records were lost.  "M. E." female, age 22, was the only child still in the household of Samuel H. Haden in 1850.

...Joseph T. Haden, born 8 Feb 1829.  Joseph was probably with the family in the 1840 census; not found later.  Some of his brothers seem to have had a bit of wanderlust and Joseph may simply have gone from Kentucky by 1850.

...Samuel H. Haden, Jr. was born 3 Sep 1832.  Samuel married 7 Feb 1856, Warren Co KY to Margaret, or Sarah Margaret, Blewett.  Samuel and Margaret had ten children and lived out their lives in Simpson Co.
31 Mar 1904 [apparently the date the the Obituary appeared]
"Mr. Sam Haden one of the oldest and most highly respected citizens of our town, died at his home in the Northern portion of the city Sunday afternoon of a complication of diseases. Mr. Haden was a life-long citizen of this county... He leaves a wife and 5 children. His remains were laid to rest at Old Zion church, in Warren county, on Tuesday." 
From Simpson County Kentucky Obituaries: pre 1971, by Dorothy Donnell Steers, 1991

A listing for Samuel H. Haden in the Zion church cemetery, has the wrong mother listed for him in the Notes.  Living in Logan Co KY at the same time as the family of William Haden, was a large family of Haddens.   The spelling of the two surnames varies according to court clerks, sometimes both families receiving the same spelling.  There is a Logan Co marriage, 7 Apr 1806, of a Samuel Haden to Margaret Hughes - the Hughes family were neighbors to the Haddens, but did not live near the Hadens who were all the way across the county.  Tax records show the Hadden family had at least three Samuels.  This marriage date is also a few years too early to be that of the Samuel who was son of William and Ann Johnson Haden.  It must have been one of the Samuel Haddens that married Miss Hughes.

...Joshua S. Haden was born 19 Nov 1834, died 11 Jun 1840, Simpson Co KY.  An old cemetery listing for Phillips Cemetery had his grave; the marker no longer exists.  His uncle William Haden was also buried there.

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Children of William Haden (ca 1741-1819) Part II - Milly, Benjamin, and William

This is the second post about the children of William Haden, son of John, grandson of Anthony of Goochland and Hanover Counties. As stated in the first post - there are eleven children, I will not cite sources in these posts listing the children and grandchildren, but feel free to email me if you want additional information, or visit my website linked on the right-hand side of the Blog. My purpose is not to provide here everything I have found, but to alert the unsuspecting to many of the errors that have been perpetuated regarding the family.

4.  Milly Haden was the second daughter, fourth child of William Haden.  Milly was a nickname and I have found her name sometimes as Emily, and in one instance as Mildred, in court documents after her death.  Mildred is a given name used previously in the Haden family - Milly had an aunt Mildred Haden, sister to her father.  The name Emily doesn't appear previously in either the Haden or Johnson families.   I have questioned if perhaps a court clerk wrote "Emily" as an assumption, since Milly can be used for either given name.   Again, an unsupported exact birth date survives, but it is reasonable with other known facts.  She was born 14 Apr 1781, or surely close to that date, and Milly died before 1820, and perhaps as early as 1806, as proved by documents of her father's estate settlement.  Milly's marriage was the first of the marriages of the Haden children to take place in Logan County - she married William Whitsitt, 20 Mar 1799.  He was the fourth man in successive generations named William Whitsitt [The name was likely Whiteside in the beginning, a later common spelling in Whitsett - in records the last t's are often left uncrossed and the records may be found as Whitsell].  William Whitsitt's father also lived in Logan Co KY, having moved there from Davidson Co, TN.   The couple had three daughters who received legacies from both grandfathers.  The estate settlement of grandfather William Haden makes plain that his daughter Milly had already died leaving three small daughters.  They were:

....Eleanor C. Whitsitt, born about 1800, married William Comfort, 17 Sep 1818, Logan Co.  They moved to Madison County, MS.  By 1840 Eleanor was a widow with seven children.  The census has an older man in the household, probably Eleanor's father.

...Ann Haden "Nancy" Whitsitt was born 7 Sep 1803.  Some say she was born in Davidson Co, TN, but if that is true, the family must have been visiting William's brother James Whitsitt who had remained there.  Ann married Dr. Thomas S. Blakey, son of George Blakey and Margaret "Peggy" Whittsitt, 28 Jan 1823 in Logan Co - they were first cousins on the Whitsitt side of family, second cousins once removed on the Haden side.  They eventually inherited the Haden homestead of her grandfather in Logan Co, and Ann willed it in turn to her two surviving children.  Ann died 1857 in Russellville, Logan Co, Thomas Blakey having died the previous year.

...Sarah P. "Sally" Whitsitt was born about 1805.  She married George Stalcup, 30 Sep 1831 in Logan Co, and by 1860 they were living in Fannin County, TX.  Only one son is known.  Fannin County would be the eventual destination of other Haden related families, including the family of my husband's great great grandfather.

There exists a strange situation considering the Whitsitts.  Many people have assumed that Milly and William had a son, William C. [perhaps for Crawford] Whitsett [as he most often spelled the name] who was born 1812 in Kentucky, probably Barren County, and died in 1882, Bonham, Fannin Co, TX.  William C. Whitsett married Elizabeth Lee Edmunds in Barren Co, 15 Dec 1836, and they had at least seven children.  The next to the youngest son, was born 18 Sep 1847, and named Joseph Haden Whitsett; the youngest son was born about 1855 and named Charles Churchill Whitsett - Churchill being a name often found in the Blakey family.  There are records of William C. Whitsett in Logan Co KY, that seem to suggest his name was originally William C. Crawford.  One of these documents in 1820 says he was a son of a Jane Crawford - Stokely Knox was appointed the child's guardian and Knox's wife was also a Crawford.  Other records suggest a relationship with William Whitsitt and the young man seems to adopt the Whitsitt surname.   He cannot be a child of Milly's since her father died intestate and their were only three females heirs of Milly in 1820 - legally an intestate settlement cannot omit heirs.  And Milly could have died as early as about 1806 since no children were born to her after that date.  The possibility exists that William C. Crawford/Whitsett was a child of William Whitsitt by an alliance that took place after the death of his wife Milly.   No record exists to indicate William Whitsitt married again and it is believed he spent the last years of his life in Madison County, MS at the home of his daughter Eleanor - there is an older man in her household in 1840.

5.   Benjamin Haden was likely the next child of William and Nancy Haden, born circa 1783.  He died prior to his father decease in late 1819, and his only son, also named Benjamin, is named in the estate settlement records.  Since his wife remarried in 1810, Benjamin had in fact died about ten years previous to his father's death.  Benjamin had married Catherine "Kitty" Stockton, 10 Feb 1807, in Barren Co KY.  She was the daughter of Rev. Robert Stockton and Catherine Blakey.  Benjamin and Kitty were second cousins, both great grandchildren of Anthony of Goochland/Hanover.  Their only child, Benjamin, born before 1810, died before October of 1829 when his will was probated in Barren Co Court.  His will mentions both his grandfathers, William Haden, and Robert Stockton.  He had received slaves which he gave to Amanda Hall, probably his first cousin, a daughter of Kitty's sister Prudence - Amanda may actually have grown up in Kitty's household.  The Catherines in the Stockton family have been royally confused by many.  Soon ater the death of Benjamin Haden, Kitty remarried to Lowry Bishop, 10 Feb 1810.  This marriage was apparently a disaster and Kitty filed for divorce in 1836.  Some of the facts that came out in the divorce suit were that Kitty never had any other children, but had raised some of her sister Prudence's children.   Also that Lowry Bishop had kept at least two of his mulatto children in their home.  He was often drunk and profane and spent much time with the children's mother.  There are other marriages and children that have been "attached" to Kitty, but they belonged to another Catherine B. Stockton who married John Coffee Hall - she was a niece to Kitty and the daughter of Robert Stockton JR and his wife Nancy Blakey.  The niece Catherine was deceased prior to Kitty's divorce suit; traditionally she died in childbirth.

6.  The next child of William and Nancy Haden was given his father's name - William - and born about 1785.  I believe that William had a brief first marriage to Mary C. "Polly" Barnett, daughter of Thomas Barnett of Warren Co KY.  They married 4 Jun 1805 in Logan County and had a single daughter, Nancy, prior to Polly's death.  I believe Nancy is the Nancy Haden who married James Whitsitt Blakey, her second cousin once removed and son of George Blakey & Margaret "Peggy" Whitsitt, on 2 Dec 1824. After her death about 1838 or 1839, he married Nancy Soyars and moved to Missouri. 

After the death of Polly Barnett, William Haden married Pamela Blakey, daughter of George Blakey & Margaret "Peggy" Whitsitt, and his second cousin, 10 Dec 1808.  William became the administrator of his father's estate in 1824 - it was transferred to his brother-in-law Churchill Blakey and then in 1827 after the death of Churchill Blakey, back to William.  In 1838, William formerly separated from his wife, apparently by mutual agreement,  giving land and slaves to Pamela and their daughter Margaret, to be held in trust for their support.  However, in the 1840 and 1850 censuses, his household still seemed to include Pamela.  Perhaps they reconsidered.  In 1844, both William and Pamela testified for her mother Margaret's widow's pension for her husband George Blakey's Revolutionary service and Margaret was at that time living with them.  In 1860, they were living apart - Pamela was living with her daughter in Logan Co and William was living in neighboring Simpson Co, KY near his brother Samuel.  I believe William died in Simpson Co and is buried there.  From Simpson Co comes the following cemetery record: "Phillips Cemetery: Hayden, William, 21 Jan 1786 - 13 Nov 1865.  The last time this cemetery was recorded (1982) this stone was not found."  Pamela Blakey Haden died 6 Jul 1870 and is buried Maple Grove Cemetery in Logan Co - William is not with her there.  The children of William are:

....Nancy I. or J. Haden [I and J are indistinguishable in most of the Logan Co records - most of the time it is a J.] born about 1807 to Polly Barnett and William Haden.  For many years there has been a question about where Nancy belonged in the family. 
The following record from Warren Co, indicates William Haden's first marriage and that he did indeed have a daughter named Nancy.  There is no other marriage or family that could account for Nancy and there is a female child of her age in the Logan Co censuses of 1810 and 1820 in William Haden's household.
Warren Co KY DB D, p.90;  7 Mar 1808. 
"Know all men it may Concern that for & Consideration of the good will & affection which I bear unto Nancy Haiden a Daughter of my Daughter Mary C. Haiden, dec'd. I do give & bequath a certain Negrow Girl named Agg about fifteen years of age".  Signed:  Thomas Barnett. 
Then Thomas Barnett's will was filed in Logan Co and again mentions his deceased daughter Mary Haden:
Logan Co WB B, p.236. 27 Nov 1818. Will of Thomas Barnet. One slave each to son John, son James C. [Curry?] & daughter Elizabeth Shannon. Granddaughter Letha, daughter of deceased son William, a slave & bed & furniture. Negro man Tom to be freed. Negro woman Sucky to live with one of the children as long as may live; she to make her choice. To heirs of Lucy Sanders, dec'd daughter, in addition to what I have already given, $1. To heirs of Mary Haden, dec'd daughter, in addition to what I have already given, $1. To Adams S. Barnet & Thomas Fields Barnet, grandsons, in addition, each $1. Remainder of estate to be divided among my three children, John, James C. & Elizabeth Shannon. Executors: John & James C. Barnet. Wit: Thomas Bowles, William Barnett. Signed: Thomas Barnet. Probate granted 16 Aug 1819.
...Margaret George Haden was born to William Haden and Pamela Blakey, 8 Oct 1811.  She was their only child.  Margaret married John N. Hopkins, 18 Sep 1831 in Logan Co and they had two sons, George Samuel, born 1832, and William Haden Hopkins, b. 1834.  Neither son ever married.   John N. Hopkins was a son of Samuel Hopkins and Anny Haden and a second cousin to Margaret; he may have died before 1850 as he isn't with Margaret and her sons in the census.  Margaret died 30 Jun 1867 in Logan Co and is buried Maple Grove Cemetery; her sons also buried there.

There remains a remote possibility that a son was also born to William Haden during the first marriage, although I believe there was not really time for more than one child before Polly died.  Later, after William moved over to Simpson Co, the records distinguish between a William Haden, Sr. and William Haden, Jr.  This was, of course, many years after the death of his father.  However, William's younger brother Samuel, had a son named William, by then an adult, who was likely present there in Simpson County.  It is likely that the senior and junior simply designated an older and younger man of the same name, quite possibly an uncle and nephew.