Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, Day 22 - Christmas and Deceased Relatives

We are a weepy family and highly empathetic.  When one cries, all cry.  We always refer to those family who are no longer with us in our Christmas table grace, but other than that it's a subject best left to another occasion - today is that occasion. 

When I started this journey of Christmas memories, I did so in honor of my Mom who loved this season.  I was so fortunate to have her for very many years; she was almost 92 when she passed away of cancer.  I miss you, Mom.  Most of all at Christmas time.

Mom was born on the 21st of December 1916 - she was only a few months old in this picture.  She was a Christmas baby from the beginning.

Here she is as a graduate - first from the 8th grade and then from High School.

 This is how I remember her when I was just a little girl.  

And this one was made with her Mother's Day flowers in 2005.  She was living in an apartment complex designed for Seniors - still very independent.  And still very lovely.

Mom loved costume jewelry of all kinds.  My sisters and I sat on her bed after she died, spread out all the jewelry and tried to figure out how best to treasure all her pretty sparkly necklaces, earrings and pins.  A friend of mine makes these jeweled Christmas trees so now each of us has one of these memories of Mom. 
Mine is never put away - it is in my bedroom. I like to believe that my Mom's eyes are shining through and still watching over me.