Monday, June 25, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 26

Week 26: Genealogy Apps: Which genealogy app has made your family history experience easier? Who makes the app and what does it do?  Share with others the details so they can learn about the app, too.

I haven't discovered any particular app that helps me - I just enjoy having a smart phone.  I have used it to listen to podcasts while I'm out walking and then recorded ideas to check on when I'm back home at my computer.  It's a great camera - works in the cemetery and works just as well to photograph documents in the library.  I have taken notes when I had no paper and pen handy.  I can keep up with my genealogy correspondence and read my favorite blogs when I'm way from my computer.

I'm a little late with posting this Blog - my neighbor cut my cable while laying sod and I was without TV, Internet, and land line phone for three days.  But thanks to my trusty iPhone, I was never "out of touch"!