Friday, March 25, 2011

Comstock DNA - First Results

We now have the results of two Comstock DNA Project tests – Y-DNA with 37 markers. They are first cousins so not surprising they match with only one marker variation and that is a marker that commonly mutates. They descend from Samuel Comstock of Rhode Island who is proved as a son of the immigrant William Comstock only by circumstance. Hopefully others who descend from the sons Daniel, John, and Christopher will be tested for comparison. Only Daniel and John have documentary proof that they are sons of William.

Go here to see the test results which are posted by Kit Number to protect the privacy of participants:

There is a tab at the top of the page for “Y-DNA Results”

I am very much aware of the cost of the test – it is cheaper through a project such as this one. Many family surname organizations are able to start funds with donations from descendants who no longer carry the surname and therefore cannot be tested, or those who do not wish to be tested. The webpage is set up to accept donations to help defray the cost of the test. I am hopeful for more interest in that in the future, but to date there has been none from Comstock descendants. I believe the cost well worth the possible discoveries and solutions that may be found be no other means.

You can read the help files online, or contact me directly for more information.