Monday, March 31, 2014

School Picture

Fayetteville, Arkansas, High School Girls' Glee Club  1932-33

I recently found this picture.  There are a few names written on the front - but more importantly, my mother wrote ALL the names on the back.  My Mom was JoEllen (Comstock) McKim and she is sitting in front on the far right.  She sang her whole life as far as I know - she was certainly singing then and was still singing in her 90's, though the voice was perhaps not quite the same.

Back Row, Left to Right
Dorothy Fugitt, Roberta Roberts, Betty Read, Mae Ellen Dvorachek, Ercell Broyles, Marian McConnell, Alice Jones, Maxine Dailey, Beth Whelan, Maxine Ruddick, Lillian Johnson

Center Row, Left to Right
Lavelle Price, Marie Boles, Maxine Arrington, Elsie Suttle, Mary Eva Kane, Marjorie Fugitt, Louise Hannah

Front Row, Left to Right
Ernestine McLemore, Nadean Riggs, Marguerite Clark, Clare Burleson, Corinne Parker, Kathryn Fritts Carney, Ellen Black, Josie Ellen Comstock.

Others that I knew from this picture:  Clare Burleson married Mom's brother, Graydon Comstock.  Sisters Dorothy & Marjorie Fugitt, and Nadean Riggs were her friends for a lifetime.

If by chance Google should lead to one of these names above and you would like a digital copy of this photo, please view my profile on the right to find my email address.