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Anthony Haden - Other Anthonys

My husband's earliest proven Haden ancestor, Anthony Haden [1694 - ca 1765], of King William, Goochland and Hanover Counties in Virginia, has namesakes of course.  If you've been following the Blogs on the Hadens, you probably realize that "Haden" can be spelled, or mis-spelled in numerous ways.  The given name Anthony, coupled with Haden, is reasonably rare.  It would be easy to assume that subsequent Anthony Hadens might very well be descendants, or at least some sort of kin.

There is no evidence that Anthony named a son after himself.  There are no records of another Anthony found in the Virginia area, that would be the age of his sons.  His wife Margaret disappeared from the records and no longer gave dower release for his land transactions after 1745, so presumably Anthony had no children born after that time frame when he himself was probably about fifty years old.


There is a grandson, Anthony Haden.  He was one of the sons of Anthony's son John Haden and his wife Jean Moseley.  Young Anthony was the eldest of John & Jean's children, born 26 Mar 1746, Goochland County, died 28 Apr 1828, Christian County, KY [his Will in Christian County records is dated 19 Dec 1827].  Anthony was married three times, first to Drusilla Rountree, 14 Jul 1765, Goochland; she was the daughter of William Rountree and Dorcas Dudley.  Anthony and Drusilla had six children - three daughters, three sons.  Drusilla died 17 Feb 1781.  He married second to Mary Ann Crenshaw, 1 Sep 1781, Fluvanna County VA; they had two sons before Mary Ann's death, 21 Nov 1786.  Anthony then married Anna Harris, a daughter of James and Mary Harris, on 21 Dec 1787, Albemarle County [Albemarle and Fluvanna Counties were both carved from Goochland County so all these marriage locations were not far apart, nor was Anthony moving around so far.]  Anna was the widow of William Dabney and had a young daughter, Lucy Harris Dabney.  Anthony and Anna had three sons.  In the early 1790's Anthony and Anna and family moved to Campbell County, VA and by the mid 1820's on to Christian County, KY, where several of Anthony's cousins were already located in Christian and neighboring Todd and Logan Counties.  This younger Anthony Haden was a Captain in the Revolution - he created many records and with all those sons has numerous descendants that have joined DAR and SAR.  One of his youngest sons, Joel Harris Haden, applied for any pension or bounty land on Anthony's service that was due his children or grandchildren in 1853, but the application was rejected.  Anthony served, there was just no eligibility for the descendants.  Anthony's descendants continued the migration into Kentucky, Missouri, and points West.

There seems to have been only the one grandson named for his grandfather.  The other sons of old Anthony, William, Joseph, and Zachariah, did not name any of their sons Anthony.  In subsequent generations the name Anthony does occur as a given name from time to time, most often as a middle name.

ANTHONY D. HADEN, Pittsylvania County, VA

There are other Anthony Hadens.  There was even a second Anthony Haden who served in the Revolution.  He had a middle initial - Anthony D. Haden. 

The first record I've found so far is in Charlotte County, VA - none of the descendants of old Anthony Haden are known to have moved to this area.
Charlotte County, VA, Personal Property Tax Lists
1790 John Hadon 1 tithe
1790 Anthony D. Haydon 1 tithe

Note:  I have never examined deeds/court records in Charlotte County - it's likely more can be discovered there.  Charlotte was formed from Halifax County, as was Pittsylvania County.

Anthony D. Haden next appears in Pittsylvania County  in 1807 as certifying a deed, and in 1808 when he buys a lot in Danville.  In 1809, he sold the lot, joined by his wife Patsy.  Anthony D. Haden and wife Patsy also sell property to a John Haden; it is evident they had adjoining properties.  Anthony D. Haden and John Haden and John's son William, were all enumerated in the 1820 census.  Anthony and John were over age 45.   Anthony D. Haden died in 1829.  [In 1830, John was age 60-70. Research of his descendants state John's birth as 29 Nov 1767 as found in a Bible record.]   John's family has been documented by descendants but no relationship to Anthony D. can be proved, nor have his parents ever been discovered - John and Anthony D. were apparently close to the same age.  I have never been in touch with a descendant of Anthony D. Haden, nor seen any research of his line, although some of his children are named in the pension file.

Anthony D. Haden (as Haydon) m. Martha "Patsy" Vaughan, Halifax County, VA 5 Sep 1792 or 11 Oct 1792 - I've seen both dates.   He married a second time, 27 Mar 1826, to Rebecca Ferguson, in Pittsylvania County.  Her father, Covington Ferguson, gave permission.   Rebecca married Poindexter Alderson after the death of Anthony D.  She later applied for her widow's pension based on Anthony D. Haden's Revolutionary service which she received.  During the application process, one man deposed twice - once he said Anthony D. had enlisted from King William County in 1779, but another time he stated Hanover County was the place of enlistment. 

I found the following which indicates Hanover was most likely correct and suggests an age:
Virginia Ancestors & Adventurers, Charles Hughes Hamlin, 1946, reprinted GPC, 3 Volumes in 1; Baltimore, 1975. Available at WorldVitalRecords by subscription.
Vol 1, p.17, listing of the Noncommissioned Officers & Privates at Cumberland Courthouse. Said to have been taken from Accesion #24296, Revolutionary Army Register, at the Virginia State Library.
"Anthony Haden, age 16, tailor by trade, residence Hanover Co, born Hanover Co. "
Unfortunately there is no year on the above record. Since depositions for the widow's pension suggest he enlisted in 1779, if we subtract 16, then this Anthony was born circa 1763 which agrees with the 1820 census which indicates he was born before 1775.
Note found Library of Virginia website:
"Winchester Barrack, 1 Jun 1783
I do certify that Anthony Hadon inlisted in the Virga. Continental line 27th Feb 1779 for the War and is now in Actual service. Given under my hand the date and place above.
J. Brown, Lt
Muhlenburg BG"

A description of the history of the Fifth Virginia Regiment indicates that it was part of Muhlenburg's Brigade and that both Col. Joseph Parker and Col. Abraham Buford were officers. A reorganization in 1778, redisignated this regiment as the Third. This agrees with testimony in the pension file and is certainly NOT the service of Capt. Anthony Haden, son of John, grandson of Anthony of KingWilliam/Goochland/Hanover. 

Are John & Anthony D Haden of Pittsylvania Co brothers?  They are a bit too young to be the John Haden's orphans as mentioned in Hanover Co, St. Paul's Parish, processionings in 1751 - but were they that man's grandchildren?  Ah, if  only a box of dusty old 18th century Hanover records could be found!   

DNA studies have shown descendants of John to be 4 markers different from those of two of old Anthony's descendants.  No one of Anthony D. Haden descent has been tested.  Other Hayden, Haydon, etc. DNA tests are vastly different.


Another Anthony Haden shows up in the "west".   Is this man from an entirely different family?   He lived in the Missoui bootheel and there is nothing known to tie him back to another part of the country - nor can a birth year be established for him.  This area had several designations during the time period this Anthony is found there.  It was Missouri Territory, a part of the Louisiana Purchases, 1804.  In 1813, Arkansas County was formed out of Missouri Territory and included the entire state of Arkansas as known today, plus areas to the west and part of Missouri to the north.  By 1815, the area was part of a new county, New Madrid County and seems to have been claimed by both Missouri and Arkansas Territories.  Not until 1819, did the border between Arkansas and Missouri become established as it is today.

Found in Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts 1787-1839 by Sherida K. Eddlemany:
Anthony Haden. Lt. Col. 7th Reg. Ark. County Militia of the Missouri Territory. 1 Oct 1814.

Ten Thousand Missouri Taxpayers by Eddleman:
Anthony Haden 1810 Arkansas County Property Tax
Henderson Haden 1815 Arkansas County Property Tax
Anthony Haden 1815 Arkansas County Property Tax

A Goodspeed publication states Anthony came from Ireland, but the reliability of those books isn't great.  A researcher of this line shared the following about his marriage and pursuits.
"He married Agness Ballew, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (?) Ballew on September 24, 1805. Agnes would have been 19 according to ages given by her mother when her father died."   [So Agnes was born circa 1786 - no doubt Anthony was as least as old and quite likely several years older.]
"Anthony Haden in Cape Girardeau District, Territory of Louisiana (now Missouri) by 1803 (about the time of the LA Purchase). Lots of references to him in land, court records. Laid out the town of Cape Girardeau;
assaulted the clerk of the court and went to trial; sued various people; wrote rules concerning the early court; had power of attorney/agent for several people; provided bond for many people; seems to have been a lawyer."

This Anthony Haden died circa 1819:
NewsBank online by subscription. "Early American Newspapers"

From the Arkansas Gazette; Sep 2, 1820; Vol. 1, Issue 42; p.1
"Sale on the following property to be held Monday, Nov 20th, unless the taxes and costs for 1819 and 1820 are paid.  Property of the heirs of Anthony Haden, 503 acres on the Arkansas River, claimed by Elisha Winter, taxes unpaid 1819-1820, $1.25."
and in the same newspaper, Oct 21, 1820, Vol 1, Issue 49; p.3
"Territory & County of Arkansas: Wigton King vs. Agnes Haden, administratrix on the estate of Anthony Haden. Will be sold on Tues, Nov 7th, at the Court House door, on the 2nd day of the Circuit Court, all right title and interest in 500 acres of land known by the name of Neely's Lake, in the county of Arkansas, as will satisfy the debt and cost of the suit. Oct. 16, 1820. H. P. Hyde, D. Sheriff for H. Scull, Sheriff"

There are other records that have been found.  These cannot be directly linked to any of the above.

These next two records could possibly be further records of Anthony D. Haden, who ultimately settled in Pittsylvania Co.  The tax records from Charlotte County VA, indicated that John remained there for several years.  Anthony D. appeared only once, in 1790, in Charlotte, was married in Halifax County in 1792,  and does not show up in Pittsylvania County until 1807.  Perhaps he had a bit of wanderlust.  The locations given suggest places for further research on this man.

Fincastle Weekly Advertiser, 26 Jun 1801
"NOTICE. All those in arrears of Land Tax for the year 1783, in the County of Botetourt, or as the county then was, are requested to hold themselves in readiness to make immediate payment on application, as no indulgence can be given, in consequence of the bounds being so very large; if indulgence is given it will be out of my power to make my collection in time, and if I do not the consequences will be serious.
Anthony Haden, C.B.C. [Clerk of Botetourt Court]
Botetourt, May 29, 1801"

Found on Kegley's Virginia Frontier, the Beginning of the Southwest, by. F. B. Kegley, 1938, p.567/629
James Simpson was the founder of the Town of Salem, in what is now Roanoke Co VA. He had bought land from Gen. Andrew Lewis whose plantation was known as "Richfield". Simpson began selling lots on 4 Jun 1802 - he sold four lots on the north side of Roanoke Street to an Anthony Haden.

Does this record tie to the Anthony Haden in Missouri, or is it someone else?

Database online - Afro-Louisana History & Genealogy
 "William Garrard sold a lame male slave, age 20, to Anthony Hayden in St. Landry Parish on 22 Mar 1810."
[Agnes Ballew's parents died Ouachita Parish, LA - did the Anthony in Missouri have ties to Louisana?  Could this have been his purchase?]

If you have anything to contribute to the above, please include sources.

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Anthony Haden - Probably not his children....

This post is a follow-up to the previous post which listed the proved children of Anthony & Margaret Haden. Other children have been ascribed to Anthony by various researchers. I have found nothing to support their relationship to Anthony, and in some cases, nothing to support their very existence. Dorothy K. Haden in John Haden of Virginia states there were probably other children of Anthony and Margaret.

If you've read the Blogs about Anthony, you know by now that I believe Anthony was not the immigrant, and may very well have had kin living in Hanover County, where too many records have been lost to do much meaningful research. The loss of records in Hanover County may have included deeds of gifts from Anthony to children that were recorded only in that county. Most of the proof for his children is found in deeds when Anthony was living in Hanover, but the child or the gift was land was located elsewhere and the deed was recorded in that county and survived.

The following list includes those persons who have been suggested by others as children of Anthony Haden.

A son BENJAMIN HADEN is perhaps the most controversial.  Some say there was older son, Benjamin,born in England, said to be older than John. His descendants are supposed to have settled in Logan County KY and eventually Montgomery County, MO. Some descendants of this family ended up on the West coast - Washington, Oregon. This family has a strong tradition as being descended from Anthony and Margaret. The traditions surrounding Benjamin seem to have originated from a man named Joel Hayden of Wellsville, MO, who contributed a number of articles to The Hayden Family Magazine.If you've been following the Blogs, you know that I believe the material found therein to be about entirely different Haden, or Hayden/Haydon,families, and exceedingly unreliable. Joel Hayden is said to have died a widower with no children and all his papers were lost; his sources were never recorded. Some claim this Benjamin married a Jane Donaldson. Some have suggested this supposed Benjamin married a Margaret Douglas, a niece of Anthony's Margaret [who isn't even proven as a Douglas]. This lineage falls apart because it is based on a false lineage for Anthony's Margaret. No records to support the existence of Benjamin Haden of this age in the family of Anthony & Margaret have been found – indeed, no records have been found to support any of the traditions surrounding this man. No records have been found of the supposed wives. No evidence supports any of the children suggested for this Benjamin.

These researchers reliably trace their line back to Logan County KY, and I believe that part to be accurate, as far as it goes. The problem lies in Logan County, where their known ancestors there spell the name "Hadden". There were a number of proven descendants of Anthony Haden living in Logan Co KY at this same time, as this is my husband’s family line. However, there were two very separate and different families, Hadden and Haden, living some distance apart in Logan County, that have no recorded relationship with each other. Other Hadden surname researchers with whom I have corresponded do not have any Benjamins but they do reliably, and with documentation, trace the Haddens in Logan County, KY back to Virginia and to a Revolutionary ancestor, Elisha Hadden, not Anthony Haden. Interestingly, Elisha's wife was Margaret - but she was Margaret Stephenson.

Elisha Hadden served in the Revolution from Rockbridge County, VA and his rejected pension application R-4412 exists. At least two of the Elisha Hadden descdendants in Logan County KY were also named Elisha. As is so often the case, the spellings of Hadden, and Haden, and even another family named Haddox, in Logan County, seem to vary according to the clerk or tax collector [and according to the whim of transcribers and abstractors of these records].

The tax records for Logan County exist on LDS microfilm in very good shape, only a very few years are missing. Some years all the families were recorded with a common spelling, Hayden. Both the Hadden and Haden families used the given names William and Samuel often and had multiple generations of the same name - however, the given name Elisha does not occur anywhere in the family of Anthony Haden. The key to distinguishing the records was reasonably easy as the the Logan County tax records always gave the watercourse where the taxable property was located. The Hadens all lived on the Black Fork of the Gasper River. The Haddens lived across the county on Red River and became part of Butler County when that county was formed out of Logan County.

One of the Elisha Haddens did buy a 50-acre tract from William Haden at one point - in some places he has been recorded as Elisha Haden. Also, he or a cousin of the same name, lived in Simpson County in the next generation, as did William Haden's son Samuel. The records of Simpson County were lost to a courthouse fire and at least two censuses give mostly initials for given names, which has not helped in researching either family.

I spent many hours sorting out these familes in Logan County, KY, and can only conclude that early research, not completed in depth,encouraged the erroneous assumption of kinship. The first Benjamin Haden who was born 1762, in Anthony's family, was a grandson, son of his son John. This Benjamin's family is well documented in Virginia, most of whom remained there - none going to Kentucky.

Some have believed Anthony and Margaret Haden had a son THOMAS HADEN.
Several researchers thought he was the Thomas Haydon who settled in Spotsylvania County, VA and died 27 Jun 1782, who is really too old anyway to have been a son of Anthony and Margaret. He is more of an age to have been a brother to Anthony and was actually no relation at all. [This has been substantiated by DNA tests – these two families are not related at all.] Thomas of Spotsylvania also had a son named Thomas and,among others, William, John, etc....many similar names, but also names such as Elijah and Jarvis which were not ever used by Anthony's family. Thomas Haydon's son John married Lucy Dale Morgan and migrated to Kentucky, where he left a will naming his fifteen children. Unfortunately some have confused this John with John, the son of Anthony, who died in Campbell County, VA. Again, I believe this error to have come directly from that Hayden periodical.

However, a Thomas Haden was a witness to a deed of Anthony Haden's. This deed is recorded in Henrico County, 6 Mar 1761, and was from Anthony Haden of Hanover to Jacob Ferris, husband of Anthony’s daughter Ruth, for a slave woman and her two daughters, and was witnessed by George Clopton and Thomas Haden. A Thomas Haden's land was processioned in Hanover Co, 1763 and 1767. In previous processioning records, there was mention of John Hayden's "orphans". There are parish records in Hanover,providing support for a child of Thomas Haden, 1772-1774. William and Mary College Quarterly; Vol. 7, Series 1, p.105 “Marriage Bonds in Goochland County”, lists Thomas as witnessing a marriage in that county: 11 Feb 1778. Solomon Williams to Lucy Holland. Sec., James Williams. John Holland’s letter of consent to daughter’s marriage witnessed by John Massie and Thomas Haden. The latter, Lucy Holland, aged 21, Dec 6, 1779. But what happened to this man? Thomas Haden apparently doesn't appear again and I've never found anyone claiming descent.  Was he a son of Anthony? Or perhaps a nephew? None of Anthony's proven sons named a son Thomas; it is a name not used in his family until many generations later.

Also living in Hanover County, with records continuing slightly later than those of Thomas, 1771-1788, was an Isaiah Haden. Isaiah is a given name not used in the family of Anthony Haden. I have never seen any suggestion Isaiah was part of Anthony's family, but if Thomas was, then I have to suspect Isaiah may have been as well. Isaiah's wife was an Ann, and they lived near the Haynes & Meads on the South Anna River.

One researcher suggested Anthony had two daughters named Elizabeth, one who died young, but again there is only one record that suggests this – Lost Links by Elisabeth W. Francis & Ethel S. Moore, 1975, p.373 – and it’s very ambiguous. I believe there was only one Elizabeth and we have the record when Anthony made the deed of gift to Elizabeth's daughter, Ann Rea.

Another daughter,youngest daughter JANE HADEN, said to be born about 1744, whose husband may have been a Hendley/Hundley, is listed in some records but I have found no proof whatever of her existence. Jane is also omitted from John Haden of Virginia. She seems to be somewhat younger than the others, maybe too young to be considered as part of the family.

I have left a possible son named Anthony until last.  It would seem that Anthony & Margaret Haden would have had a son named for his father.  Of course, many infants did not survive and there could well have been an Anthony that did not live long enough to create records.  There are Anthony Hadens of the next couple of generations that show up in other places and cannot be traced back - they will be a separate Blog.

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Anthony Haden - Children as Proved

Various genealogies give different lists of children for Anthony & Margaret Haden.  I will list those for whom I have proof in this Blog.  Much of the proof is based on deeds of gift from Anthony to his children after he had moved to Hanover County - the only reason the deeds have suvived the loss of records in Hanover is because they were recorded in other counties.  The possibility exists that he made other deeds of gift that were recorded only in Hanover and have forever been lost.  Reference to a will of Anthony exists in a deed in Goochland County, but unfortunately that will would have been recorded in Hanover and is also lost.

The children of Anthony & Margaret are as follows.  I have much additional data on all these families which can be found on my webpage - there is a link on the Blog, or from my profile.

The eldest son appears to have been John. 
JOHN HADEN, was born 10 May 1723 as found on the sheet of paper inserted in the Jouett Bible, also the source of the birth of his father. Some researchers state he was born in North Carolina, but that seems an error as no trace of this family can be found that early in North Carolina.  John most likely was born in King William County, VA.  He married Jean/Jenny Moseley, daughter of John Moseley and Mary Nichols. John Moseley was a son of Marvell Moseley and Sarah Blasé; Mary was the daughter of John Nichols and Mary Lewis. Researcher Irene Cook had a date of 31 Jan 1745 for their marriage, but could no longer find a source for this exact date.
Goochland County VA Deed Book 5, p.263 has a deed from Anthony Haden of the Parish of St. James Northam in Goochland for love, good will & affection towards his loving son, John Haden for 200 acres, dated 18 May 1747; and there is a deed from John Moseley to his loving son-in-law John Haden and daughter Jenny Haden, his wife, for four Negroes, dated the same day. John Haden died in 1817 in Campbell County, VA after deeding his lands to his sons and sons-in-law who still lived in Virginia [Campbell Co Deed Book 3, p.607]. Records of this family are found in Fluvanna and Albemarle Counties – John and Jean moved to Campbell County about 1784 to be near their youngest son, Benjamin, in their elder years.

The eldest daughter was likely Ann.
ANN HADEN was born 7 Nov 1724 – again some references say North Carolina but that is highly unlikely. She married Thomas Blakey 12 Jan 1746 and her descendants are thoroughly covered in the Blakey family books and Bible records. Thomas was a son of Churchill Blakey and Sarah George; many of the records of the Blakey family in the early years are in the Christ Church Parish Records of Middlesex County, VA.

RUTH HADEN was born perhaps 1728. She married Jacob Farris – I have a date for the marriage that I cannot substantiate, 27 Jan 1753. However, this marriage and her place as a daughter are both proved Mar 6, 1761, by the following deed.  Henrico County, VA: Anthony Haden of Hanover, deeded his son-in-law Jacob Ferris and his daughter Ruth Ferris, a negro woman, Aggey and two children Amey and Sarah.    Henrico Co Deed Book 1750-67, pp.681.
Ruth and Jacob moved to Henry Co, VA.   His will dated 11 Jan 1812, exhibited September Court 1813, is found Henry County, VA Will Book 2, p.96.

WILLIAM HADEN was born say 1730-1735.
Deed Book 7, p. 58; Goochland County VA: Deed from Anthony Haden to son, William Haden, of the Parish of St. James Northam. 25 Nov 1755. Witnessed by John Haden, Zachariah Haden, Jeany Haden, and Agethe Moseley. William's will is found in Rowan County NC dated 18 Mar 1789, p. 170 of the Book of Wills & Deeds. The will names his wife as Unity; surname unknown - Unity Lane is a possibility, but there are too many unanswered questions to be certain.  William & Unity seem to have lived in Louisa County for a time before they moved to North Carolina.  The first record in Rowan County, NC, is a deed for the purchase of 172 acres of land, from Mathew & Sarah Sparks, 17 Sep 1767.

Joseph and William were likely close to the same age.  Joseph is shown in many places as being much younger - I'm not sure why.
JOSEPH HADEN was a son as evidenced in Deed Book 7, p.58, Goochland: Anthony Haden of the Parish of St. Pauls in County of Hanover in consideration of love, etc….towards my son Joseph Haden of the Parish of St. Ann in the County of Albemarle, 200 acres, dated 19 Jan 1756 [only two months after the gift to his brother William].
Joseph's birth date is given as 1740-42 in D. K. Haden’s book, John Haden of Virginia, but I believe he was some years older, placing him higher in the birth order. I believe he was likely at least 21 when his father deeded land to him – many of Anthony’s gifts seemed to follow the marriage of a child. That would make a birth year of approximately 1735, or even earlier. Joseph was married at least twice. A marriage is reported for this Joseph in the Hayden quarterly magazine to a Mary Tulley born in 1749 – this cannot be substantiated by any other known facts and much of this quarterly magazine has been shown to have serious errors. He did marry Elizabeth Hundley/Handley/Hendley as in The Douglas Register: "Joseph Haden & Elizabeth Handley, a Daughter named Elizabeth born Feb 3, 1764. Baptized Apr 22 1764.” In fact, I’ve seen this baptism date given as the marriage date for Joseph & Elizabeth because it is listed in the "implied marriages" in the records. However, there were probably children older than the baby Elizabeth evidenced by later records. Joseph later married Margaret Maxwell, daughter of Thomas Maxwell, about 1773, perhaps after he relocated to Rowan County, North Carolina. Joseph left a Will dated 16 Oct 1802 in Rowan County, which leaves no doubt he had children from both an earlier wife and a present wife. One of Joseph’s sons, Joseph Jr., married his first cousin, Jane/Jenny Haden, daughter of William after both families had moved to Rowan.

Zachariah was, I believe, the youngest son.  He apparently inherited the homeplace and it was common in that time and place for the youngest son to remain on the homeplace, often caring for his widowed mother.  In this case, I believe Anthony had married and moved to Hanover County about the time Zachariah had reached adulthood; his brothers already out on their own.
ZACHARIAH HADEN was born about 1733. His parentage is proved in one place by the same document that proves his sister, Elizabeth, as cited in her entry to follow. Zachariah married Elizabeth Poor, daughter of Thomas Poor (or Poore) and Elizabeth Moseley who was a sister of Jean Moseley that had married Zachariah’s brother John. The marriage is recorded in The Douglas Register. Zachariah left a Will written 14 Jan 1782 but not probated until 20 Feb 1792, Goochland County, VA.  Zachariah also owned lands in “Carolina” that he willed to one of his sons although neither ever moved there.
In May of 1769, Edward Rice's will reveals that Anthony's son Zachariah Haden was living on land that formerly belonged to Anthony Haden. On 7 Oct 1774, Zachariah & wife Elizabeth sold 250 acres, two tracts, both properties devised [willed] to him by his father Anthony Haden, to neighbor John Hopkins.
Goochland Deed Book 10, p.491.

RACHEL HADEN was born about 1735 and married James Johnson 15 Dec 1755 as recorded in The Douglas Register. James Johnson, was the son of James Johnson, the "Elder", of Goochland County, whose wife has never been identified.
Deed, Goochland Co VA 1760: Anthony Haden of Hanover County to well beloved daughter Rachel Johnson, wife of James Johnson of Albemarle County. Two Negro girls Sarah and Isabel and their future increase. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Philip Webber, Jr. Rec. 17 Jun 1760. Deed Book 8, p.94.
It should be noted here that others show Rachel's husband, James Johnson to have been a son of John Johnson & Mary Pledge, but that James was more likely married to Mildred Mims.  Sorting of James Johnsons in Virginia would require several Blogs.  If you are interested in this problem, I suggest you email me directly - address found on the Blog homepage.

ELIZABETH HADEN born maybe about 1738, or slightly earlier, married a man whose surname was Rae, probably William Rae.  Here is proof she was Anthony Haden's daughter:
Goochland Co DB 7, p.98-99 29 May 1756
Anthony Haden of Hanover Co for love goodwill and affection towards my loving Grand Daughter Ann Rea of Goochland Co ...following Articles, One Negro man named Charles, two cows and calves, feather bed & furniture, black leather large trunk. Said Ann Rea paying her Mother Elizabeth Rea the sum of 3£ yearly during her life or the life of the said Negro to be recovered by the said Elizabeth Rea and no other. But in case said Ann Rea dies without issue, then the above Negro and articles I give to my son Zachariah Haden on paying Elizabeth Rea the yearly sum above mentioned. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Stephen Nowlin, Daniel Burks, Obedience (O) Nowlin. Ack. Goochland Co 15 Jun 1756. Teste: Val.Wood GCC
This deed of gift - giving a slave to a granddaughter with profits from his labors to go to the child's mother - would be an excellent way to provide support for a daughter without the son-in-law being able to control the slave or the money. The implication might be that Anthony was not overly fond of his son-in-law and doubted his ability to provide for Elizabeth. A slave given directly to Elizabeth, as Anthony did for his other daughters, would then become the property of her husband.
There was a William Rea living in Goochland at the time whose wife was Elizabeth.  His name was sometimes spelled as "Ray".  [Some researchers have interpreted the name as "Rex" but I have read the microfilm and the name just was not Rex.] 
Goochland DB 7, p.61 20 Jan 1756. William RAY of Goochland to Ambrose Hundley of Hanover. 40£ North side James River. Maj John Bollings line, John Burks, Joseph Woodson, Ebenezar Adams Dec'd. 150 acres part of 300 acres granted to James Nowlin by patent 12 Mar 1739. Signed: William REA
Wit: Geo Colebrooke, Thos. Pleasants. Ro. Abraham.
Ack. By William REA. Wife ELIZABETH privately examined and consented.
I believe this is likely Elizabeth Haden's husband, particularly with the addition of an connection to the Hundley family - quite possibly the family of Elizabeth Hundley who married Elizabeth's brother Joseph Haden.

As mentioned at the beginning, the possibility of unidentified children does exist.  In the next Blog I will explore children that have been listed in various other places but without proof.

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Anthony Haden's Second Wife

Anthony Haden of Goochland married a second time.  I was contacted some years ago when I first began to post information on the Internet, by a descendant of the widow lady Isabel Clement/Clements of Hanover County, VA, claiming that she had married late to life to Anthony Haden.  This information had appeared nowhere else in any of the research I had ever seen, but since I knew Anthony had relocated from Goochland County to Hanover County between 1749 and 1755, I could not discount this news.  The first tract of land that Anthony purchased in Goochland while he was still a resident of King William County, was 400 acres, part in Goochland County, part in Hanover County; purchased from Joseph Watson and John Watson Jr. and their wives, Nov. 1742.  [Goochland Deed Book 4, p.91-93]  He did not keep this tract, selling it back to John Watson Jr. in November of 1745 [Goochland Deed Book 5, p.62] - this deed showing his wife's name to be Margaret.  Also records of Hadens appear in the Hanover County parish records from 1719, so Anthony could have had various ties to that county, including family ones.

Over the next few years, I received various bits of information from Clement researchers, but no one had proof documents regarding the widow Isabel.  I understood that they had been seen [but not copied] in an estate record of one of her descendants in the North Carolina Archives but using the names of her sons and grandsons, I was unable to find anything in spite of ordering several estate files on the Clement family from the Archives.  I received nothing that referred to Anthony Haden.

On a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, I was finally able to look at films of the North Carolina estate records for myself.  Sure enough, I found the documentation from a lawsuit involving a runaway slave that had belonged to Isabel and her husband Anthony Haden and she had reportedly gifted the slave and her issue to a grandson.  However, the slave had apparently first been given to Isabel's son Simon - if she was ever given to the grandson it must have been an oral promise as there was no written proof that the grandson was to receive the slave.  The slave had escaped while being transported from Virginia to North Carolina.  The documents were actually filed under the name of Isabel's first husband, John Clement, dated 1801 - he had died in Virginia prior to 1 Jun 1749 when his will was probated, and is not even mentioned in these documents except as her former husband.  Instead, they were in reference to a lawsuit following the death of John & Isabel's son Simon, who had died before November of 1800, in Granville Co, NC.

I will note here that the will of John Clement bequeathed to his wife Isabel, 200 acres in Hanover County.  Hanover deeds are lost for this time period, but a few tax records suvive.  As her husband, Anthony Haden would have become the possessor of these lands.  There does exist a 1763 tax record from Hanover, as referred to in a previous post, when Anthony Haden was taxed on 200 acres.

A copy of the will of John Clement may be found at the Virginia State Libary, Accession #26888 "Clement Personal Papers".  It was dated 12 Nov 1745, from St. Paul's Parish, Hanover Co, VA.  A copy was also filed during the lawsuit in North Carolina when it could still be found in Hanover County - 19 Apr 1801. William Pollard, clerk of the court of Hanover County, VA, testified to a true transcript.

Here are two lessons to be learned from my search for this documentation.  When looking at estate records - be sure to look at all the possible surnames involved - and for several years before and after the event.  I have no clue why these papers had been filed under John Clement's name since he had not even died in the state of North Carolina and the suit had nothing to do with his death, but that is how they were filed.  The second lesson is that when a county is a "burned county" such as Hanover, there may be records existing elsewhere.

Also in the file was a deed that had been copied from Hanover County, VA  Here is a complete transcript of this very important deed which is also a very effective prenuptial agreement.

LDS Microfilm #2208030, North Carolina Estates, Granville Co
This Indenture made this Sixth Day of October in the year of our Lord Christ one Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Nine Between Anthony Haden of the County of Hanover, Planter, and Isabell his wife of the one Part and Simon Clement of the County of Amelia, Planter, of the other Part. Whereas it was mutually agreed by and between the said Anthony Haden and Isabell his wife [before their intermarriage with each other] that they seperately should have, hold, use, occupy and enjoy each of their Estates without the hindrance - interruption or molestation of each of them to the other and that they seperately should dispose of their and each of their Estates or any Part thereof in the same manner as if they had not been married, and that neither of them should inter-meddle with any Part of the others Estate without their mutual Leave or Consent, and for and to comply with their said agreement, they are minded to give grant and Convey all the Estate that she was Possessed of at the Time of their intermarriage aforesaid, unto the said Simon Clement, Son of the said Isabell he having given Bond and Security unto the said Anthony Haden and Isabell his wife that if in case she should happen to outlive or Survive her said Husband she shall not claim any part of the Estate of him her said Husband but that he the said Simon will in that case, maintain and Support the said Isabell as long as she lives, or deliver up unto her the Estate hereby given unto him, now this Indenture. Witnesseth That the said Anthony Haden and Isabell his wife for and in Consideration of the abovementioned Premises and for the natural Love and Affection which they bear unto the said Simon Clement and also for the Sum of Five Shillings Sterling to them in hand paid the Receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge and also for other good causes and Considerations - them thereunto moving they the said Anthony Haden and Isabell his wife have and each of them hath given and granted and by these Presents do and each of them doth give grant and confirm unto the said Simon Clement his Heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns for ever, Five Negro Slaves by name Hager, Angelo, Ismael, Milly and Mansfield and their Increase, and the following Goods, to wit. Three Feather, Beds and Furniture, Brass, Pewter and Iron Ware and also all other the Goods and Chattels, Debts and Substance whatsoever moveable and immoveable, of what kind, nature of Quality soever the same are - which were in the possession of, or did belong to the said Isabell at the Time of her Intermarriage with the said Anthony Haden after the Decease of the sd Isabel To have and to hold all and Singular the said Negroes, and their Increase, Goods, Chattals and all other the aforesaid Premisses unto the siad Simon Clement his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns to his and their own proper Use and uses for ever. In witness whereof the said Anthony Haden and Isabella his wife have hereunto set and affixed their Hands and Seals the Day and Year first above written.
Antho. Haden
Isabell Haden
Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of
Ja. Allen, Wm Shackelford, Robt Thent, Robt Carter

Memorandum. That on the Day and year within written Livery and Seisin was delivered by the within named Anthony Haden and Isabell his wife unto the within named Simon Clement of the Negroes and Beds within mentioned in the name of all the Estate within mentioned to hold to him the said Simon Clement his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for ever, according to the within written Indenture Witness the Hands and Seals of the said Anthony Haden and Isabel his wife.
Antho. Haden
Isabell Haden
Witness: Robt. Carter, Robt. Thent

At a Court helf for Hanover County of Thursday the 1st day of November 1759.
This Deed Indented & the Memorandum of Livery & Seisin thereon Indorsed were proved by the Oath of Robert Carter & Robert Thent, the witnesses thereto & Admitted to Record. Test: William Pollard, DCHC

Virgina, Hanover County to wit. I William Pollard clerk of the Court the County aforesaid to hereby Certify that the foregoing transcript is a true copy from the records of the Court of the said County.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed the seal fo the said County the twenty seventh day of July one thousand eight hundred & one.
William Pollard

The lawsuit actually involved the female slave Angillo or Angelo as she is called in the above deed.  Simon's son Zephaniah claimed the slave had been given to him by his grandmother, Isabel Clement Haden. Angillo's son Moses was in the possession of Zephaniah's stepmother, widow of Simon, but Zephaniah thought Moses should be his. Angillo had run away while being transported to North Carolina and was still missing. A copy of the deed had been requested from Hanover and it does state that the slave woman was deeded to Simon Clement. During the testimony we also learn that Simon had lived in Amelia Co, VA, before moving to Granville Co, NC.

Although in most of the correspondence with the Clements descendants, they spelled the name as Hayden, it was always written as "Haden" in these papers.  I did take note that Anthony Haden signed some of his deeds in Goochland/Hanover with the same abbreviation, "Antho. Haden", that he used in the above document.

Several deeds, recorded in other counties but referencing Anthony Haden as being of Hanover County, exist, dated both before and after Anthony and Isabel deeded the possessions she brought to their marriage to her son Simon Clement in 1759.

Goochland Deed Book 7; p.58
Nov 1755.  Anthony Haden of St. Pauls Parish in Hanover to son William Haden of St. James Northam Parish in Goochland. 200 acres. Purchased of Henry Nash [17 May 1748] and Frances Thurston [19 Sep 1749]. Witness: John Haden, Zachariah Haden, Jeany Haden, Agethe Moseley.

Goochland Deed Book 7; p.58
19 Jan 1756.   Anthony Haden of parish of St Pauls in Hanover Co ….Love, goodwill & affection …son Joseph Haden of Parish of St. Anns in Co of Albemarle …200 acres purchased of Richd. Brown [See 19 Nov 1745. DB 5, p.50] in Goochland Co. Signed: Antho.Haden. [No witnesses] Acknowledged by Anthony Haden in Goochland Court 20 Jan 1756.

Goochland Deed Book 7, p.98
29 May 1756   Anthony Haden of Hanover Co for love goodwill and affection towards my loving Grand Daughter Ann Rea of Goochland Co ….following Articles, One Negro man named Charles, two cows and calves, feather bed & furniture, black leather large trunk. Said Ann Rea paying her Mother Elizabeth Rea the sum of 3£ yearly during her life or the life of the said Negro to be recovered by the said Elizabeth Rea and no other. But in case said Ann Rea dies without issue, then the above Negro and articles I give to my son Zachariah Haden on paying Elizabeth Rea the yearly sum above mentioned. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Stephen Nowlin, Daniel Burks, Obedience (O) Nowlin.   Acknowledged, Goochland Co 15 Jun 1756. Teste: Val.Wood GCC

Goochland Deed Book 8, p.94
 7 Jun 1760.   Anthony Haden of Hanover Co for Natural affection & tender Love …Daughter Rachel. Johnson, wife of James Johnson of Albemarle Co ….two Negro girls named Sarah & Isbel & their future increase. Signed: Antho. Haden. Witness: Philip Webber Junr. Anthony Haden acknowledged at Court in Goochland Co 17 Jun 1760.

Henrico Co Deed Book 1750-67
Mar 6, 1761. Henrico Co VA Anthony Haden of Hanover County, deeded to his son-in-law Jacob Ferris and his daughter Ruth Ferris, a negro woman, Aggey and two children Amey and Sarah. Wit: Geo. Clopton and Thomas Haden. Rec. Jun Court 1761.

So, yes Anthony Haden married Isabel Clement, widow of John.  Her descendants have never discovered her maiden name.  A Goochland deed dated 19 Sep 1749, states that Anthony was then still of Goochland County.  John Clement's will was probated 1 Jun 1749.  Anthony first appears as "of" Hanover county in November 1755 - presumably he was by then married to Isabel.  The last known record of Anthony Haden in the 1763 tax list from Hanover - quite likely on the 200 acres that had been willed to Isabel.  She does not appear in subsequent records after the above deed in 1759.

There is no other Anthony Haden living in this part of Virginia during this time period.  He did have a grandson also named Anthony Haden, who was born circa 1746, he was, of course, too young for any of the above to have been his records.

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Anthony's Wife Margaret

The following may also be found on my webpage.  I have found nothing to add.  The only actual record that belongs to Margaret gives only her given name.

There is no firm proof of the lineage of "Lady" Margaret.. Edith A. Rudder in My Father's Family suggests Scottish parents. Margaret is said to have been from the Black Douglas line of Scotland, house of Drumlaurig. Grandfather "might have been" James 2nd, Earl of Queensbury.

A descendant and researcher from Seattle had read she was a granddaughter of James Douglas (who was James Campbell that married a Douglas with no male descendant and assumed the heirship of Douglas with Campbell as a married name. ) What a stretch that is!  And this particular correspondent's line may not be from Anthony at all, but a different family - descendants of an Elisha Hadden.  Descendants of Elisha Haddens lived near the Hadens in Logan Co KY circa 1880, but they were not kin.  However, some have rather artificially made them so.

I have even seen databases where Margaret, wife of Anthony Haden was assumed to be the Margaret who was a daughter of the Rev. William Douglas of Goochland. Since his daughter Margaret or Peggy [the common nickname for Margaret] was born in 1737, as recorded in The Douglas Register where he put the details of his own family, and her marriage to Nicholas Meriwether, 31 Dec 1760, is recorded, this is an obvious error. In The Blakey Family by Kress, she claims Margaret was a sister to Rev. Douglas, but Rev. Douglas included in his records his own family data, listing his parents. If he had a sister living right there in Goochland Co, he would surely have named her.  The Rev. Douglas stated he was born in Scotland - perhaps that gave rise to the Scottish theory in the first place.

The only recorded proof of the wife of Anthony Haden is a deed 29 Nov 1745 when "Margaret, his wife" reliquished her right of Dower. 

From "Regarding the Ancestry of Margaret Douglas", by Jack H. Thacker;The Longhunter, Vol.15, No. 3 (Autumn 1992) pp.112-116

"The purpose of this article is to clarify a longstanding mistake with regard to the forebearers of Margaret Douglas, who married Anthony Haden and immigrated to Virginia early in the 18th century.

Some 10 or 12 years ago, shortly after I became involved in genealogy research, I was advised by an elderly kinswoman that this Margaret Douglas was a daughter of William Douglas, 1st Earl of March and 2nd Duke of Queensberry and his wife, Jane Hay, Countess of March. My cousin, a resident of San Francisco, did not provide proof. However, I was advised by several experienced genealogists that she was a very competent researcher and that her findings were generally sound.

Subsequently, I discovered in the 'Parochial Register of Baptisms, 1660-1725, Peebles, Scotland' a record which reads as follows: "The 9 of Apr 1701. The E of March had a daughter baptized by Mr. James Thompson, vicar of Peebles, called Margaret Douglas. Witness, Lord David Hay, Mr. William Hay of Drummowbriar, Major Archibald Douglas of the horse guard, and the Laird of Marybowe." This was intriguing because it has been family tradition since at least the early 19th century that our Margaret Douglas was "of Drumlanrig", and the Earl of March was described as "William Douglas of Drumlanrig." As a result, I continued to search for a record of this Margaret Douglas's marriage or a record of her death, but my efforts were to no avail.

Recently, however, I have received proof that Margaret Douglas, daughter of the Earl of March, was not my ancestor, Margaret Douglas, wife of Anthony Haden. Irene (Mrs. Ben H.) Cook of Longview, Texas received a communication dated 22 January 1992, from the Scots Ancestral Research Society in Edinburgh which stated the following entry was found in the old parochial registers of Peebles: "Lady Margaret Douglles (sic) daughter of the Eirall (sic) of March was buried the 23 of June 1705." Thus, this Margaret Douglas died at age 4.

We are indebted to Mrs. Cook who carried on extended correspondence and incurred not a little expense to obtain this information.

It now becomes the responsibility of us who are descendants of Margaret Douglas Haden to renew efforts to determine her parentage. I thought it would be approporiate to publish this information in The Longhunter because many of the Haden/Douglas descendants settled in southwestern Kentucky."

Just as there is some scant evidence of a John Haden who lived in King & Queen and then King William County beginning a few years prior to 1700, there is also evidence he had a neighbor named William Douglas. [They are both listed in the 1704 rent rolls in King William which had just been formed out of King & Queen.] This is intriguing to say the least. I have long believed that Anthony and Margaret were not immigrants of their familes but were both likely born right there in Virginia. Of course the records of King & Queen and King William are practically all destroyed so further evidence is simply not available.

The name of Margaret's father as William Douglas has undoubtedly been perpetuated because of the number of male descendants who were named William Douglas Haden.  That seems to be the basis for the assumption.  Since the family did adhere quite strongly to the English naming conventions, this could very well have been her father's name.  And the reason no Scottish record has appeared could be because the family was already in Virginia when Margaret was born.

Apparently Margaret died in Goochland County, possibly prior to May of 1747 - she is not included in any of Anthony's gifts of lands or slaves to his children. She relinquished her dower in the tract Anthony Haden purchased from Watson in 1742 and then sold back to him, Nov. of 1745. When Anthony made a gift of 200 acres to his son John in May of 1747, there was no mention of a wife. 

There is evidence that Anthony married a second time, quite possibly the reason he moved to Hanover County, circa 1750.  This marriage has never appeared in anyone else's Haden research to my knowledge.  His second wife will be the subject of my next post.