Monday, June 28, 2010

Anthony Haden - Children as Proved

Various genealogies give different lists of children for Anthony & Margaret Haden.  I will list those for whom I have proof in this Blog.  Much of the proof is based on deeds of gift from Anthony to his children after he had moved to Hanover County - the only reason the deeds have suvived the loss of records in Hanover is because they were recorded in other counties.  The possibility exists that he made other deeds of gift that were recorded only in Hanover and have forever been lost.  Reference to a will of Anthony exists in a deed in Goochland County, but unfortunately that will would have been recorded in Hanover and is also lost.

The children of Anthony & Margaret are as follows.  I have much additional data on all these families which can be found on my webpage - there is a link on the Blog, or from my profile.

The eldest son appears to have been John. 
JOHN HADEN, was born 10 May 1723 as found on the sheet of paper inserted in the Jouett Bible, also the source of the birth of his father. Some researchers state he was born in North Carolina, but that seems an error as no trace of this family can be found that early in North Carolina.  John most likely was born in King William County, VA.  He married Jean/Jenny Moseley, daughter of John Moseley and Mary Nichols. John Moseley was a son of Marvell Moseley and Sarah Blasé; Mary was the daughter of John Nichols and Mary Lewis. Researcher Irene Cook had a date of 31 Jan 1745 for their marriage, but could no longer find a source for this exact date.
Goochland County VA Deed Book 5, p.263 has a deed from Anthony Haden of the Parish of St. James Northam in Goochland for love, good will & affection towards his loving son, John Haden for 200 acres, dated 18 May 1747; and there is a deed from John Moseley to his loving son-in-law John Haden and daughter Jenny Haden, his wife, for four Negroes, dated the same day. John Haden died in 1817 in Campbell County, VA after deeding his lands to his sons and sons-in-law who still lived in Virginia [Campbell Co Deed Book 3, p.607]. Records of this family are found in Fluvanna and Albemarle Counties – John and Jean moved to Campbell County about 1784 to be near their youngest son, Benjamin, in their elder years.

The eldest daughter was likely Ann.
ANN HADEN was born 7 Nov 1724 – again some references say North Carolina but that is highly unlikely. She married Thomas Blakey 12 Jan 1746 and her descendants are thoroughly covered in the Blakey family books and Bible records. Thomas was a son of Churchill Blakey and Sarah George; many of the records of the Blakey family in the early years are in the Christ Church Parish Records of Middlesex County, VA.

RUTH HADEN was born perhaps 1728. She married Jacob Farris – I have a date for the marriage that I cannot substantiate, 27 Jan 1753. However, this marriage and her place as a daughter are both proved Mar 6, 1761, by the following deed.  Henrico County, VA: Anthony Haden of Hanover, deeded his son-in-law Jacob Ferris and his daughter Ruth Ferris, a negro woman, Aggey and two children Amey and Sarah.    Henrico Co Deed Book 1750-67, pp.681.
Ruth and Jacob moved to Henry Co, VA.   His will dated 11 Jan 1812, exhibited September Court 1813, is found Henry County, VA Will Book 2, p.96.

WILLIAM HADEN was born say 1730-1735.
Deed Book 7, p. 58; Goochland County VA: Deed from Anthony Haden to son, William Haden, of the Parish of St. James Northam. 25 Nov 1755. Witnessed by John Haden, Zachariah Haden, Jeany Haden, and Agethe Moseley. William's will is found in Rowan County NC dated 18 Mar 1789, p. 170 of the Book of Wills & Deeds. The will names his wife as Unity; surname unknown - Unity Lane is a possibility, but there are too many unanswered questions to be certain.  William & Unity seem to have lived in Louisa County for a time before they moved to North Carolina.  The first record in Rowan County, NC, is a deed for the purchase of 172 acres of land, from Mathew & Sarah Sparks, 17 Sep 1767.

Joseph and William were likely close to the same age.  Joseph is shown in many places as being much younger - I'm not sure why.
JOSEPH HADEN was a son as evidenced in Deed Book 7, p.58, Goochland: Anthony Haden of the Parish of St. Pauls in County of Hanover in consideration of love, etc….towards my son Joseph Haden of the Parish of St. Ann in the County of Albemarle, 200 acres, dated 19 Jan 1756 [only two months after the gift to his brother William].
Joseph's birth date is given as 1740-42 in D. K. Haden’s book, John Haden of Virginia, but I believe he was some years older, placing him higher in the birth order. I believe he was likely at least 21 when his father deeded land to him – many of Anthony’s gifts seemed to follow the marriage of a child. That would make a birth year of approximately 1735, or even earlier. Joseph was married at least twice. A marriage is reported for this Joseph in the Hayden quarterly magazine to a Mary Tulley born in 1749 – this cannot be substantiated by any other known facts and much of this quarterly magazine has been shown to have serious errors. He did marry Elizabeth Hundley/Handley/Hendley as in The Douglas Register: "Joseph Haden & Elizabeth Handley, a Daughter named Elizabeth born Feb 3, 1764. Baptized Apr 22 1764.” In fact, I’ve seen this baptism date given as the marriage date for Joseph & Elizabeth because it is listed in the "implied marriages" in the records. However, there were probably children older than the baby Elizabeth evidenced by later records. Joseph later married Margaret Maxwell, daughter of Thomas Maxwell, about 1773, perhaps after he relocated to Rowan County, North Carolina. Joseph left a Will dated 16 Oct 1802 in Rowan County, which leaves no doubt he had children from both an earlier wife and a present wife. One of Joseph’s sons, Joseph Jr., married his first cousin, Jane/Jenny Haden, daughter of William after both families had moved to Rowan.

Zachariah was, I believe, the youngest son.  He apparently inherited the homeplace and it was common in that time and place for the youngest son to remain on the homeplace, often caring for his widowed mother.  In this case, I believe Anthony had married and moved to Hanover County about the time Zachariah had reached adulthood; his brothers already out on their own.
ZACHARIAH HADEN was born about 1733. His parentage is proved in one place by the same document that proves his sister, Elizabeth, as cited in her entry to follow. Zachariah married Elizabeth Poor, daughter of Thomas Poor (or Poore) and Elizabeth Moseley who was a sister of Jean Moseley that had married Zachariah’s brother John. The marriage is recorded in The Douglas Register. Zachariah left a Will written 14 Jan 1782 but not probated until 20 Feb 1792, Goochland County, VA.  Zachariah also owned lands in “Carolina” that he willed to one of his sons although neither ever moved there.
In May of 1769, Edward Rice's will reveals that Anthony's son Zachariah Haden was living on land that formerly belonged to Anthony Haden. On 7 Oct 1774, Zachariah & wife Elizabeth sold 250 acres, two tracts, both properties devised [willed] to him by his father Anthony Haden, to neighbor John Hopkins.
Goochland Deed Book 10, p.491.

RACHEL HADEN was born about 1735 and married James Johnson 15 Dec 1755 as recorded in The Douglas Register. James Johnson, was the son of James Johnson, the "Elder", of Goochland County, whose wife has never been identified.
Deed, Goochland Co VA 1760: Anthony Haden of Hanover County to well beloved daughter Rachel Johnson, wife of James Johnson of Albemarle County. Two Negro girls Sarah and Isabel and their future increase. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Philip Webber, Jr. Rec. 17 Jun 1760. Deed Book 8, p.94.
It should be noted here that others show Rachel's husband, James Johnson to have been a son of John Johnson & Mary Pledge, but that James was more likely married to Mildred Mims.  Sorting of James Johnsons in Virginia would require several Blogs.  If you are interested in this problem, I suggest you email me directly - address found on the Blog homepage.

ELIZABETH HADEN born maybe about 1738, or slightly earlier, married a man whose surname was Rae, probably William Rae.  Here is proof she was Anthony Haden's daughter:
Goochland Co DB 7, p.98-99 29 May 1756
Anthony Haden of Hanover Co for love goodwill and affection towards my loving Grand Daughter Ann Rea of Goochland Co ...following Articles, One Negro man named Charles, two cows and calves, feather bed & furniture, black leather large trunk. Said Ann Rea paying her Mother Elizabeth Rea the sum of 3£ yearly during her life or the life of the said Negro to be recovered by the said Elizabeth Rea and no other. But in case said Ann Rea dies without issue, then the above Negro and articles I give to my son Zachariah Haden on paying Elizabeth Rea the yearly sum above mentioned. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Stephen Nowlin, Daniel Burks, Obedience (O) Nowlin. Ack. Goochland Co 15 Jun 1756. Teste: Val.Wood GCC
This deed of gift - giving a slave to a granddaughter with profits from his labors to go to the child's mother - would be an excellent way to provide support for a daughter without the son-in-law being able to control the slave or the money. The implication might be that Anthony was not overly fond of his son-in-law and doubted his ability to provide for Elizabeth. A slave given directly to Elizabeth, as Anthony did for his other daughters, would then become the property of her husband.
There was a William Rea living in Goochland at the time whose wife was Elizabeth.  His name was sometimes spelled as "Ray".  [Some researchers have interpreted the name as "Rex" but I have read the microfilm and the name just was not Rex.] 
Goochland DB 7, p.61 20 Jan 1756. William RAY of Goochland to Ambrose Hundley of Hanover. 40£ North side James River. Maj John Bollings line, John Burks, Joseph Woodson, Ebenezar Adams Dec'd. 150 acres part of 300 acres granted to James Nowlin by patent 12 Mar 1739. Signed: William REA
Wit: Geo Colebrooke, Thos. Pleasants. Ro. Abraham.
Ack. By William REA. Wife ELIZABETH privately examined and consented.
I believe this is likely Elizabeth Haden's husband, particularly with the addition of an connection to the Hundley family - quite possibly the family of Elizabeth Hundley who married Elizabeth's brother Joseph Haden.

As mentioned at the beginning, the possibility of unidentified children does exist.  In the next Blog I will explore children that have been listed in various other places but without proof.