Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anthony Haden - Children of Son Zachariah Haden

Zachariah is the last of the proved children of Anthony Haden.  I believe he was the youngest son, if not the youngest child.  Zachariah married Elizabeth Poore, 27 Jan 1763, Goochland Co VA.   However, a few years earlier, in 1759, he had purchased property in Rowan Co, NC from Richmond Pearson who was probably married to Zachariah's niece.  Zachariah never moved to North Carolina, selling this tract back to Pearson in 1784.  He owned other lands, likely in the same place, that he gave to his son Jesse in his will, describing the land as "my land in Carolina".  If he purchased land in 1759, he was by then at least age 21, or born 1738 or before.  Elizabeth Poore was the daughter of Thomas Poore and Elizabeth Moseley - sister to Jean Moseley that had married Zachariah's oldest brother John Haden.

An aside.  There were multiple Thomas Poores living in Goochland.  They have been confused by researchers.  Another time I will post how I have attempted to sort them.

Zachariah lived on the Haden homeplace in Goochland.  The Will of Edward Rice from Goochland Co Deed Book 10, p.67-68, mentions a parcel of land that adjoins Mr. Zachariah Haden's line, given to his son Edward, that he wants sold to meet his debts. 1 May 1769.  In 1749, Anthony Haden had bought a tract of land from Edward Rice - this is a tract for which no sale is in the Goochland deed books.  The following deed explains what happened to this tract, and also furnished proof that Anthony Haden had died and left a will, likely in Hanover County where so many records have been lost.  The word "devised" meant in that time frame, "left by will".

7 Oct 1774

Goochland Deed Book 10, p.491
Zachariah Haden and Elizabeth his wife of Goochland to John Hopkins of said County. For 120£ a tract of land containing 250 acres "in the county of Goochland on the Great Byrd Creek, being formerly purchased by Anthony Haden, in two separate parcels, the one of Thomas Stone Containing two hundred Acres, and the other of Edward Rice Containing Fifty Acres Both granted to the said Anthony by Indentures of Bargain and sale Recorded in Goochland Court and by the said Anthony Devised to his son Zachariah Haden, the present Granter thereof" Begin at Spanish oak on Byrd Creek, on said Edward Rice, line of markt trees in said Hopkins line, on Obediah Daniel, corner red oak on Byrd Creek, down the Byrd according to its meanders. Signed: Zachariah Haden, Elizabeth Haden. Zachariah & Elizabeth acknowledged and she relinquished dower 17 Oct 1774.

Zachariah and Elizabeth did not leave Goochland at the time of the above sale.  Zachariah's will was proved in Goochland County in 1792; he had written it ten years earlier.  Four children are named in the Will; Elizabeth survived him.  Six children were baptized by the Rev. Douglas at St. James Northam Parish so likely two were not living by 1782.

Children of Zachariah and Elizabeth Poore Haden were:

1.  Robert D. Haden born 10 Aug 1765, married Mary Miller in Prince Edward Co VA, 3 Nov 1792.  They moved to Madison Co, AL about 1811 and on to Mississippi soon after the 1830 census.  Robert & Mary had two sons, William M. Haden, and Robert Douglas Haden who served as a representative from Monroe Co MS and later moved to Texas.

2.  Thomas Poore Haden was baptized 16 Jun 1767; his birth not recorded.  No other records exist; presumably died young.

3.  Susannah Haden was born 29 Sep 1768.  She married one of the other Thomas Poores, 14 Feb 1786, Goochland.  They had a large family of nine children, moving to Woodford County KY before 1795.  Susannah is thought to have died about 1834 in Marion Co, MO where she had moved with several of her adult children.

4.  James Haden was born 6 Jan 1771.  The Rev. Douglas erred when he recorded this birth and baptism.  The Douglas Register says "Antony Haden & Eliz: Pore a son named James born Jan:6 1771. Baptized Ap:10 1771."    The Anthony Haden living and having children at this time, was Zachariah's nephew, the eldest son of Zachariah's brother John.  Anthony did indeed also have a son named James; however, Anthony's James was born 19 Jun 1782, several years later, and his mother was Mary Ann Crenshaw.  Anthony Haden was married three times, but never to a Poore.  James is the other child not noted in Zachariah's will and likely died as a child.

5.  Elizabeth Haden was born 18 Jun 1773.  She married Stephen Murrell, 27 Dec 1793, in Goochland Co.  I believe this family went to Tennessee - only two sons have been identified, Zachariah Haden Murrell and Samuel S. Murrell who both are said to have died in Franklin Co TN.  Nothing is known about when or where either Stephen or Elizabeth died.

6.  Jesse Haden, born 6 Sep 1776, was the youngest child of Zachariah and Elizabeth.  He married Elizabeth P. Hopkins, 22 Apr 1801.  She was the daughter of William Hopkins and granddaughter of Dr. Anthony Hopkins who had been a neighbor of Jesse Haden's grandfather, old Anthony Haden.  Elizabeth's mother was Mary Haden, daughter of John & Jean Mosely Haden.  Jesse and his wife were first cousins once removed.  Jesse's family moved to Cumberland Co, KY.  He is definitely not the Jesse Haden found in Rowan Co NC in this time period, although some have thought he was.  Lawsuits involving children of Jesse and Elizabeth concerning Hopkins inheritance make certain Jesse has been property identified.  Jesse received land in "Carolina" in his father's will but never moved there.  There is a Hopkins book that states Jesse died about 1812 - I believe that is more likely the date he disappeared from records in Virginia.  Some of his children gave him power of attorney in Cumberland Co KY in 1826, to collect their Hopkins inheritance in Albemarle Co, VA.

Anthony Haden - Children of Daughter Elizabeth Haden

Very little is known about Anthony Haden's daughter Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was old enough to be married and have a child in 1756, so likely born in the 1730's.  Apparently Anthony did not have much have confidence in the man she married.  Anthony made gifts of slaves to his married daughters and their husbands; however, in the case of Elizabeth, he gave the slave to her daughter, Ann Rea, with the income from the slave's labor to go to Elizabeth.  If Ann did not survive, the slave would revert to to Elizabeth's brother Zachariah and he would see that the income went to Elizabeth.  Had Anthony given the slave to his married daughter directly, the slave would then have been under her husband's control.  You will sometimes see Elizabeth's married name as "Rex" but I believe that is simply a misreading of the old handwriting.  I have a copy of the deed and the name surname is without doubt Rea.

This deed is interesting:

Goochland DB 7, p.98

29 May 1756
Anthony Haden of Hanover Co for love goodwill and affection towards my loving Grand Daughter Ann Rea of Goochland Co ….following Articles, One Negro man named Charles, two cows and calves, feather bed & furniture, black leather large trunk. Said Ann Rea paying her Mother Elizabeth Rea the sum of 3£ yearly during her life or the life of the said Negro to be recovered by the said Elizabeth Rea and no other. But in case said Ann Rea dies without issue, then the above Negro and articles I give to my son Zachariah Haden on paying Elizabeth Rea the yearly sum above mentioned. Signed: Anthony Haden. Wit: Stephen Nowlin, Daniel Burks, Obedience (O) Nowlin.
Acknowledged by Anthony Haden. Goochland Co 15 Jun 1756. Teste: Val.Wood GCC

Anthony did not include the name of Elizabeth Rea's husband.  Obviously the Rea family lived in Goochland Co.  In reading the early deed films of Goochland, there were few references to this surname or to it's likely alternate spelling "Ray".  And in fact, I only found two.  Both refer to a William Rea/Ray and in the deed found - his wife's name was Elizabeth.  I believe there is a reasonable chance that William Rea was Elizabeth's husband.

Additional records of REA in Goochland:

Goochland DB 6, p.218 21 Jul 1752 Appraisal & Inventory of the Estate of William Redford, dec’d. Richard Pleasants, William Rea

Goochland DB 7, p.61 20 Jan 1756. William RAY of Goochland to Ambrose Hundley of Hanover. 40#’s North side James River. Maj John Bollings line, John Burks, Joseph Woodson, Ebenezar Adams Dec’d. 150 acres part of 300 acres granted to James Nowlin by patent 12 Mar 1739. Signed: William REA
Wit: Geo Colebrooke, Thos. Pleasants. Ro. Abraham.
Acknowledged by William REA. Wife ELIZABETH privately examined and she agreed.
[Note that William Rea sold this tract to Ambrose Hundley. Elizabeth’s brother Joseph is believed to have married Elizabeth Hundley.  I've never found a connection, but there were not many Hundley families.]

It is also possible that William Rea, if indeed he was Elizabeth Haden's husband, died between the sale of this tract of land, January of 1756, and the gift of the slave to Elizabeth's daughter in July of 1756.  Anthony perhaps used the gift of the slave to aid his widowed daughter, doubting her own ability to manage.  However, I believe the first scenario is the most reasonable and the most likely.

I believe that the Rea family most likely left Goochland.  So many members of the Haden family remained in the area, surely had the Reas remained more details would have found their way into the family records.