Sunday, December 23, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 52

Week 52: Personal Genealogy Website. For which private genealogy website are you most grateful? Who runs the site? How has it helped your family history research? Share the link to the site as well as its highlights as a way to say thanks to those behind the scenes.

The genealogy site of Linda Sparks Starr was the first that site that I thought of:
Colonial Virginia Connections

I consider Linda a fellow researcher and a friend.  We were almost kin.  My 3 great grandfather was once married to one of her ancestors, so I guess we are step-kin.  My husband and I both had assorted colonial Virginia ancestors and the research that Linda has gathered together on this website has been very helpful to me and if you have colonial Virginia ancestors, you should probably take a look around the site.

Hey - I made it!  The whole 52 weeks!  Sort of a challenge to myself.  I plan for my posts to take a different path in the new year, but I feel really good that I was able to persevere and complete the year's 52 prompts.