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Anthony Haden - Other Anthonys

My husband's earliest proven Haden ancestor, Anthony Haden [1694 - ca 1765], of King William, Goochland and Hanover Counties in Virginia, has namesakes of course.  If you've been following the Blogs on the Hadens, you probably realize that "Haden" can be spelled, or mis-spelled in numerous ways.  The given name Anthony, coupled with Haden, is reasonably rare.  It would be easy to assume that subsequent Anthony Hadens might very well be descendants, or at least some sort of kin.

There is no evidence that Anthony named a son after himself.  There are no records of another Anthony found in the Virginia area, that would be the age of his sons.  His wife Margaret disappeared from the records and no longer gave dower release for his land transactions after 1745, so presumably Anthony had no children born after that time frame when he himself was probably about fifty years old.


There is a grandson, Anthony Haden.  He was one of the sons of Anthony's son John Haden and his wife Jean Moseley.  Young Anthony was the eldest of John & Jean's children, born 26 Mar 1746, Goochland County, died 28 Apr 1828, Christian County, KY [his Will in Christian County records is dated 19 Dec 1827].  Anthony was married three times, first to Drusilla Rountree, 14 Jul 1765, Goochland; she was the daughter of William Rountree and Dorcas Dudley.  Anthony and Drusilla had six children - three daughters, three sons.  Drusilla died 17 Feb 1781.  He married second to Mary Ann Crenshaw, 1 Sep 1781, Fluvanna County VA; they had two sons before Mary Ann's death, 21 Nov 1786.  Anthony then married Anna Harris, a daughter of James and Mary Harris, on 21 Dec 1787, Albemarle County [Albemarle and Fluvanna Counties were both carved from Goochland County so all these marriage locations were not far apart, nor was Anthony moving around so far.]  Anna was the widow of William Dabney and had a young daughter, Lucy Harris Dabney.  Anthony and Anna had three sons.  In the early 1790's Anthony and Anna and family moved to Campbell County, VA and by the mid 1820's on to Christian County, KY, where several of Anthony's cousins were already located in Christian and neighboring Todd and Logan Counties.  This younger Anthony Haden was a Captain in the Revolution - he created many records and with all those sons has numerous descendants that have joined DAR and SAR.  One of his youngest sons, Joel Harris Haden, applied for any pension or bounty land on Anthony's service that was due his children or grandchildren in 1853, but the application was rejected.  Anthony served, there was just no eligibility for the descendants.  Anthony's descendants continued the migration into Kentucky, Missouri, and points West.

There seems to have been only the one grandson named for his grandfather.  The other sons of old Anthony, William, Joseph, and Zachariah, did not name any of their sons Anthony.  In subsequent generations the name Anthony does occur as a given name from time to time, most often as a middle name.

ANTHONY D. HADEN, Pittsylvania County, VA

There are other Anthony Hadens.  There was even a second Anthony Haden who served in the Revolution.  He had a middle initial - Anthony D. Haden. 

The first record I've found so far is in Charlotte County, VA - none of the descendants of old Anthony Haden are known to have moved to this area.
Charlotte County, VA, Personal Property Tax Lists
1790 John Hadon 1 tithe
1790 Anthony D. Haydon 1 tithe

Note:  I have never examined deeds/court records in Charlotte County - it's likely more can be discovered there.  Charlotte was formed from Halifax County, as was Pittsylvania County.

Anthony D. Haden next appears in Pittsylvania County  in 1807 as certifying a deed, and in 1808 when he buys a lot in Danville.  In 1809, he sold the lot, joined by his wife Patsy.  Anthony D. Haden and wife Patsy also sell property to a John Haden; it is evident they had adjoining properties.  Anthony D. Haden and John Haden and John's son William, were all enumerated in the 1820 census.  Anthony and John were over age 45.   Anthony D. Haden died in 1829.  [In 1830, John was age 60-70. Research of his descendants state John's birth as 29 Nov 1767 as found in a Bible record.]   John's family has been documented by descendants but no relationship to Anthony D. can be proved, nor have his parents ever been discovered - John and Anthony D. were apparently close to the same age.  I have never been in touch with a descendant of Anthony D. Haden, nor seen any research of his line, although some of his children are named in the pension file.

Anthony D. Haden (as Haydon) m. Martha "Patsy" Vaughan, Halifax County, VA 5 Sep 1792 or 11 Oct 1792 - I've seen both dates.   He married a second time, 27 Mar 1826, to Rebecca Ferguson, in Pittsylvania County.  Her father, Covington Ferguson, gave permission.   Rebecca married Poindexter Alderson after the death of Anthony D.  She later applied for her widow's pension based on Anthony D. Haden's Revolutionary service which she received.  During the application process, one man deposed twice - once he said Anthony D. had enlisted from King William County in 1779, but another time he stated Hanover County was the place of enlistment. 

I found the following which indicates Hanover was most likely correct and suggests an age:
Virginia Ancestors & Adventurers, Charles Hughes Hamlin, 1946, reprinted GPC, 3 Volumes in 1; Baltimore, 1975. Available at WorldVitalRecords by subscription.
Vol 1, p.17, listing of the Noncommissioned Officers & Privates at Cumberland Courthouse. Said to have been taken from Accesion #24296, Revolutionary Army Register, at the Virginia State Library.
"Anthony Haden, age 16, tailor by trade, residence Hanover Co, born Hanover Co. "
Unfortunately there is no year on the above record. Since depositions for the widow's pension suggest he enlisted in 1779, if we subtract 16, then this Anthony was born circa 1763 which agrees with the 1820 census which indicates he was born before 1775.
Note found Library of Virginia website:
"Winchester Barrack, 1 Jun 1783
I do certify that Anthony Hadon inlisted in the Virga. Continental line 27th Feb 1779 for the War and is now in Actual service. Given under my hand the date and place above.
J. Brown, Lt
Muhlenburg BG"

A description of the history of the Fifth Virginia Regiment indicates that it was part of Muhlenburg's Brigade and that both Col. Joseph Parker and Col. Abraham Buford were officers. A reorganization in 1778, redisignated this regiment as the Third. This agrees with testimony in the pension file and is certainly NOT the service of Capt. Anthony Haden, son of John, grandson of Anthony of KingWilliam/Goochland/Hanover. 

Are John & Anthony D Haden of Pittsylvania Co brothers?  They are a bit too young to be the John Haden's orphans as mentioned in Hanover Co, St. Paul's Parish, processionings in 1751 - but were they that man's grandchildren?  Ah, if  only a box of dusty old 18th century Hanover records could be found!   

DNA studies have shown descendants of John to be 4 markers different from those of two of old Anthony's descendants.  No one of Anthony D. Haden descent has been tested.  Other Hayden, Haydon, etc. DNA tests are vastly different.


Another Anthony Haden shows up in the "west".   Is this man from an entirely different family?   He lived in the Missoui bootheel and there is nothing known to tie him back to another part of the country - nor can a birth year be established for him.  This area had several designations during the time period this Anthony is found there.  It was Missouri Territory, a part of the Louisiana Purchases, 1804.  In 1813, Arkansas County was formed out of Missouri Territory and included the entire state of Arkansas as known today, plus areas to the west and part of Missouri to the north.  By 1815, the area was part of a new county, New Madrid County and seems to have been claimed by both Missouri and Arkansas Territories.  Not until 1819, did the border between Arkansas and Missouri become established as it is today.

Found in Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts 1787-1839 by Sherida K. Eddlemany:
Anthony Haden. Lt. Col. 7th Reg. Ark. County Militia of the Missouri Territory. 1 Oct 1814.

Ten Thousand Missouri Taxpayers by Eddleman:
Anthony Haden 1810 Arkansas County Property Tax
Henderson Haden 1815 Arkansas County Property Tax
Anthony Haden 1815 Arkansas County Property Tax

A Goodspeed publication states Anthony came from Ireland, but the reliability of those books isn't great.  A researcher of this line shared the following about his marriage and pursuits.
"He married Agness Ballew, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (?) Ballew on September 24, 1805. Agnes would have been 19 according to ages given by her mother when her father died."   [So Agnes was born circa 1786 - no doubt Anthony was as least as old and quite likely several years older.]
"Anthony Haden in Cape Girardeau District, Territory of Louisiana (now Missouri) by 1803 (about the time of the LA Purchase). Lots of references to him in land, court records. Laid out the town of Cape Girardeau;
assaulted the clerk of the court and went to trial; sued various people; wrote rules concerning the early court; had power of attorney/agent for several people; provided bond for many people; seems to have been a lawyer."

This Anthony Haden died circa 1819:
NewsBank online by subscription. "Early American Newspapers"

From the Arkansas Gazette; Sep 2, 1820; Vol. 1, Issue 42; p.1
"Sale on the following property to be held Monday, Nov 20th, unless the taxes and costs for 1819 and 1820 are paid.  Property of the heirs of Anthony Haden, 503 acres on the Arkansas River, claimed by Elisha Winter, taxes unpaid 1819-1820, $1.25."
and in the same newspaper, Oct 21, 1820, Vol 1, Issue 49; p.3
"Territory & County of Arkansas: Wigton King vs. Agnes Haden, administratrix on the estate of Anthony Haden. Will be sold on Tues, Nov 7th, at the Court House door, on the 2nd day of the Circuit Court, all right title and interest in 500 acres of land known by the name of Neely's Lake, in the county of Arkansas, as will satisfy the debt and cost of the suit. Oct. 16, 1820. H. P. Hyde, D. Sheriff for H. Scull, Sheriff"

There are other records that have been found.  These cannot be directly linked to any of the above.

These next two records could possibly be further records of Anthony D. Haden, who ultimately settled in Pittsylvania Co.  The tax records from Charlotte County VA, indicated that John remained there for several years.  Anthony D. appeared only once, in 1790, in Charlotte, was married in Halifax County in 1792,  and does not show up in Pittsylvania County until 1807.  Perhaps he had a bit of wanderlust.  The locations given suggest places for further research on this man.

Fincastle Weekly Advertiser, 26 Jun 1801
"NOTICE. All those in arrears of Land Tax for the year 1783, in the County of Botetourt, or as the county then was, are requested to hold themselves in readiness to make immediate payment on application, as no indulgence can be given, in consequence of the bounds being so very large; if indulgence is given it will be out of my power to make my collection in time, and if I do not the consequences will be serious.
Anthony Haden, C.B.C. [Clerk of Botetourt Court]
Botetourt, May 29, 1801"

Found on Kegley's Virginia Frontier, the Beginning of the Southwest, by. F. B. Kegley, 1938, p.567/629
James Simpson was the founder of the Town of Salem, in what is now Roanoke Co VA. He had bought land from Gen. Andrew Lewis whose plantation was known as "Richfield". Simpson began selling lots on 4 Jun 1802 - he sold four lots on the north side of Roanoke Street to an Anthony Haden.

Does this record tie to the Anthony Haden in Missouri, or is it someone else?

Database online - Afro-Louisana History & Genealogy
 "William Garrard sold a lame male slave, age 20, to Anthony Hayden in St. Landry Parish on 22 Mar 1810."
[Agnes Ballew's parents died Ouachita Parish, LA - did the Anthony in Missouri have ties to Louisana?  Could this have been his purchase?]

If you have anything to contribute to the above, please include sources.