Sunday, January 1, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 1

Week 1 – Blogs: Blogging is a great way for genealogists to share information with family members, potential cousins and each other. For which blog are you most thankful? Is it one of the earliest blogs you read, or a current one? What is special about the blog and why should others read it?

Sorry, I can't pick just one....  And I have to admit that I read blogs for the genealogy news and discussions - I haven't really found new cousins or a blog that was helpful with any specific family.  I have found new ideas about the research process.

I have to say that Geneabloggers has been the most helpful to me - it is one of the earliest I read and helped me to get started in blogging.  Thomas MacEntee keeps us all right on top of everything - new blogs, the best blogs of the week, ideas for blog posts, the Blogiversarys.   I really can't image the genealogy blogging world without it.

Dick Eastman's EOGN - which is really a newsletter but written as a blog is so valuable to me because of his helpful techie information.  He's always there to describe the latest gadgets and really cool utility programs that I would never find on my own.

And just because I always like what she has to say ...about anything!  I love her sense of humor -  Amy Coffin of We Tree.  I hope to meet Amy at RootsTech this year - we might be kindred souls.