Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy 101 Award

I have not been posting during the Holidays but today found that A. C. Ivory had sent me the Happy 101 Award. This Award has been passed around quite a bit and I will just say that if you find this on my Blog, please consider yourself awarded!

Ten things that make me happy.... Genealogy, of course, and here are five genealogy items that cause me to do the happy dance.

1. Finding proof of a new ancestor.

2. Finding the maiden name of an ancestor's wife.

3. Discovering a new cousin, especially one who researches family history.

4. Receiving new data for my family tree - of almost any kind - that actually has a source and is not just hearsay.

5. And most of all ...a new bit that just might lead me over a brick wall....

And five more reasons to be Happy.

1. My eight grandchildren.

2. Good health.

3. Dear, dear friends.

4. That first cuppa coffee every morning.

5. If you are reading this .....I wish for you to have ten reasons to be HAPPY!