Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories, Day 5 - Outdoor Decorations

We never did much in the way of outdoor decorations.  For one thing my husband was in the propane business and winter was his busy season.  Sometimes too busy, because one year WE ran out of propane while I was cooking Christmas dinner - seems he had forgotten we were also a customer!

We did put up swags and tiny white lights on the porch rails the fifteen years we lived in this house in Wetumpka, Alabama. Now the house set way back from the road with woods in between so it didn't show much from the road, but it was a great place to decorate both inside and out. The advantage was that I could put up the swags and lights without a ladder or male assistance.  I also put electric "candles" in the upstairs windows.  I never made a picture - was difficult to get directly in front of the house.  Maybe I thought I'd live there forever!  Here is how it looked without lights - just use your imagination and put evergreen swags with sparkly white lights on all the rails with big red bows on each column!

I did get pictures of the inside!

I always decorated my front door.

Here's a picture of the front door at the Wetumpka house.  No, the deer isn't real - but we did have a lot of those around the house.  They ate my azaleas, my day lillies, even climbed on this porch and ate pansys in pots. 


And here's my front door ...right now. Come on by and I'll fix us a cup of tea! Hope you're getting your shopping done. If so, I need some help in that area!

I live in a neighborhood with several Navy families. I'd just like to say a heartfelt thank-you to all those who serve in our Armed Forces with a very special appreciation to their families.