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Anthony Haden - Children of son John Haden

The next series of Blogs about the Haden family will be to list briefly the next generation - the children of the proven children of Anthony & Margaret Haden.  I will be posting them according to the probable birth order I have reconstructed.  In these blogs I do not always give complete citations for records, not quotes from them because of length.  Feel free to email me for further information as this research is based primarily on actual records, not publications or web databases.  A link to my website can be found on the Blog homepage as well, and much more detail is available there.

Evidence suggests the eldest son of Anthony & Margaret was John who married Jean Moseley - they have been discussed in earlier posts.

Dorothy K. Haden wrote the book John Haden of Virginia about John and Jean's family and descendants and the book is quite well done.  So in general there are no significant problems or conflicts about the identification of their children; some of the younger children were baptized by the Rev. William Douglas after he came to Goochland County.

John Haden divided his property by deed rather than making a will. This deed is in Campbell Co VA, DB 3, p.607. 20 Oct 1795. The relationships are expressly stated in this agreement:

"Know ye, that we the SONS and SONS IN LAW of John Haden of the county of Campbell have by mutual consent and by and with the consent of sd John Haden, agree'd to divide among us, all & every part of sd John Haden's estate that he choose to give up to us"

One of the signatures is Anthony Haden - it is the first signature.. Others are Wm Hopkins [husband of Mary], John M. Haden, J. Haden [Joseph], Jno. Dabney [husband of Mildred], Benj. Haden, and Jno. Moorman [husband of Rachel]. These would seem to be listed in birth order.

Not all the children of John & Jean were included in the above deed - my husband's ancestor, the son William, had already received his land, sold out and gone to Kentucky some 10 years previously. The daughter Margaret who married John Robertson/Robinson had also previously received land and had either moved away or died as nothing more has been found about her. The daughter Jane who married William Moorman was deceased and William Moorman, a quite wealthy man, was remarried.

Children of John Haden [1723-1817] and Jean Moseley [1722-1796]

1. Anthony was born 26 Mar 1746, Goochland Co VA and died 28 Apr 1828, Christian Co, KY.  He was married three times, to Drusilla Rountree, Mary Ann Crenshaw, and Anna Harris Dabney, and had children by each wife for a total of eleven children.  He served as a Captain in the Revolution and many descendants have joined DAR and SAR.  There are some minor conflicts with middle names of some of the children, etc. but by and large this family is very well documented, and I won't go into further detail here. 

2.  Mary was born about 1747, Goochland, and died sometime between 1800 when she signed a deed with her husband and his death about 1820.  Mary Haden married William Hopkins, the son of Dr. Arthur Hopkins, a neighbor of old Anthony Haden.  In fact Arthur Hopkins had sold land to Mary's father John, quite possibly the home place where Mary was born.  Mary Haden and William Hopkins had at least 10 children, identified primarily by several powers of attorney, etc. concerning inheritance following the death of William Hopkins.

3.  John Moseley Haden was born circa 1749 in Goochland and died some time after the 1830 census in Fluvanna Co VA.  He was named for his maternal grandfather, John Moseley.  Most of the children of John & Jean did not have middle names.  There are some uncertainties regarding the wives of John Moseley Haden.  His first wife was Anne, but her surname remains a mystery.  The marriage records for Albemarle Co are lost for the time period.  They had five known children born between about 1771 to 1784 - Susanna, William, Margaret Douglas "Peggy" [whose name provides strong support for the probability her paternal grandmother was Margaret Douglas Haden], Nancy [probably Anne for her mother], and George.  On 9 Dec 1790, John Moseley Haden married Mary Ann Hopkins in Louisa Co VA, and they had a single daughter Sarah called Sally.  Neither Peggy or Sally ever married.  There is in fact some early census data that leads me to believe that Sally could have been the daughter of the first wife - that there were no children from the marriage to Mary Ann Hopkins.  Mary Ann is believed to have been the widow of Peter Hopkins whose will was probated in April of 1790, Louisa Co.  John Moseley Haden never lived in Louisa Co - he resided in Albemarle, the part which became Fluvanna Co in 1777.

4.  William Haden was likely the next child, born ca 1751 in Goochland, died 1819, Logan Co, KY.   He was my husband's ancestor.  Although he was not included in the division of his father's land, he did receive property earlier which he sold back to his father before leaving for Kentucky.  Since he left Virginia soon after the Revolution, very little is said of him in John Haden of Virginia.  One family letter quoted in the book refers to him as William Douglas Haden, but I have found no document with a middle initial or a middle name. William and his brothers Anthony, John Moseley, and Joseph, all served in the Revolution.  William is thought to have had a brief early marriage to Judith or Jane Moorman, possible daughter of Achilles Moorman and Elizabeth Adams.  The marriage would have taken place ca 1770-1772, possibly in Albemarle at a time the marriage records are lost.  Both families have tradition of this marriage - some of the stories handed down suggest she died in pregnancy or childbirth within the first year of the marriage.  William married 31 Oct 1775, Goochland, to Ann "Nancy" Johnson, daughter of Joseph Johnson and Sarah Harris - both her birth and their marriage are recorded in The Douglas Register.  William and Nancy had probably ten children.  Another researcher had a birth year of 1774 for William's daughter, Sally, which if true would indicate she was actually the child of his first marriage to Judith/Jane Moorman.  However, this birth year can not be substantiated.  The youngest daughter of William and Nancy Johnson Haden was also named Nancy - the 1850 census indicates she was born circa 1798.  Nancy Johnson Haden died sometime after the birth of this child and before William's marriage to Mrs. Sarah "Sally" Johnson/Johnston [the spelling seems to be interchangeable in Logan Co] on 21 Dec 1807, Logan Co KY.    A number of families of this surname are present in Logan Co - some are second cousins to William Haden that do go back to the same Johnson family of his wife Nancy, but I have never been able to identify Sally's former husband.  William & Sally had one child, a daughter they named Sarah "Sally", born perhaps about 1810 - William's older daughter Sally had died before the birth of this youngest child.  The older Sally had married Thomas Proctor and had three children with him prior to her death.  Some of the data that can be found confused the two daughters, the researchers apparently not understanding that there really were two daughters named Sally, but their place in his family is well documented in court records from Logan Co.

5.  Joseph Haden was born about 1752, died 25 Oct 1820 in Fluvanna Co, VA.  He married Mary Peatross probably about 1772 - another marriage that likely happened in Albemarle.  They had at least nine documented children, several of whom moved west into Kentucky.

6.  Margaret Haden, born maybe 1754- 1755 is known to have married a John Robinson/Robertson before 1771 when her father gave them a gift of land, but nothing is known of what subsequently happened to this family.  It is possible Margaret predeceased her father.

7.  Jane, or Jeannie, Haden named for her mother, was the first of the children baptized by the Rev. William Douglas after his arrival in Goochland Co - her birth recorded as 10 Dec 1757 in Goochland.  She married William Moorman, son of Achilles & Elizabeth Adams Moorman, about 1774 in Albemarle Co.  She died before 1789, probably in Campbell Co, VA, where they were then living.  Jane & William Moorman had six documented children.  William married two more times after the death of Jane Haden.  William, his children, and the second wife moved to Kentucky about 1790.

8.  Mildred "Milly" born 14 Apr 1760, Goochland, as recorded in The Douglas Register, married John Quarles Dabney, 11 Nov 1793, Campbell Co, VA.  She died before 1818 - John Q. Dabney died in Scott Co, KY, 1833.

9.  Benjamin Haden was born 26 May 1762, Goochland, died 8 Apr 1837, Campbell Co, VA.  Benjamin married Martha Davis Moorman, 2 Dec 1780, when he was only 18 years old.  She was the daughter of Charles Moorman and Mary Venable.  They had 15 children, most of whom remeained in the area of Campbell Co.

10.  Rachel Haden, youngest child of John and Jean, was born 25 Apr 1764, Goochland.  She married John Moorman, brother of Martha Davis Moorman, 22 Feb 1795, Campbell Co, VA.  I know of three children - Jane, Charles, and Elizabeth said to have beenborn in 1797, but have no other data on Rachel's family.

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