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Anthony Haden - Children of Daughter Ruth Haden Farris

Ruth Haden was born perhaps about 1729 although I believe that to be a guess.  She married Jacob Farris, often seen spelled as Ferris.  One researcher had a marriage date of 27 Jan 1763 which I believe could have been a typo for the year 1753 - however, I've never been able to confirm a marriage record.  I have corresponded with a descendant and she did not have a marriage record.  What is known about their children and the following gift of slaves would indicate they did marry in the early to mid 1750's.  Ruth and Jacob received a gift of slaves from her father in March of 1761, and they were then apparently living in Henrico Co, VA.  Henrico Co Deed Book 1750-67, p.681.

I have done no in depth research on this family myself.  Several other researchers have contributed to my information.  I suspect there would be much more to discover in the Henry Co VA records.

Their children are named in the will of Jacob Farris, dated 11 Jan 1812, Henry Co VA WB 2, p.96.  They are listed here in the order in which they are found in the will.  The will was proved September Court session of 1813.  A descendant has given me his death date of 18 May 1813.

1.  Josiah Farris, probably the eldest son, listed first in his father's will and named as one of the Executors.  At least one researcher has estimated his birth as circa 1755.

2.  John Farris and two of his sisters received only 25 cents from their father's will, suggesting they had perhaps received previous gifts of land or slaves.

3.  Jane Farris, named as Jane Anthony in the will.  Jane married the Rev. Joseph Anthony, 14 Aug 1777, Cumberland Co, VA.  Perhaps at some point her family lived in that county, before settling in Henry Co.  Rev. Anthony was a Baptist minister and he is on tax rolls in Henry Co, 1790 and 1800.  He died about 1806.  Jane moved to Tennessee with her children [at least one son was married in Sumner Co TN in 1816], and on to Missouri about 1820.  She did not stay, but returned to Tennessee after about two years.  She is said to have died in Tennessee about 1849.

I think it is important to say here that Jane Farris's husband, the Baptist minister, Joseph Anthony, has been misplaced in many, many online databases.  He was NOT the son of Joseph Anthony and Elizabeth Clark.  Joseph, husband of Elizabeth, left a recorded will in Henry Co, dated 25 Jan 1786, and Jacob Ferris was one of the appraisors of his property - this couple were the parents of Agnes and Winifred Anthony who married Blakeys and removed to Georgia [see the previous blog about Ann Haden Blakey].  They also had a son named Joseph, named in the Will - and many have assumed this man to be the same as the Baptist minister who married Jane Farris.  He was not.  The Joseph, son of Joseph Anthony & Elizabeth Clark, married instead to a first cousin, Elizabeth "Betty' Clark, daughter of Micajah Anthony and Judith Adams, and they were part of the removal to Wilkes Co, GA.  [Yes, both father and son married an Elizabeth Clark, one the niece of the other.]  Young Joseph died in Wilkes Co, 2 Sep 1810.  It is quite likely that both the Rev. Joseph Anthony and the Joseph Anthony who died 1810 in Wilkes Co were very close to the same age; it is also likely there is a kinship, since they both seem to have come from Henrico Co VA and settled in Henry Co.  Rev. Joseph Anthony has also been placed in the family of a Thomas Anthony and his wife Elizabeth Martin - but this, too, seems to be a wrong connection as Thomas left a will in Surry Co, NC, dated 8 Oct 1816, and does not mention any son named Joseph.  I can only conclude that the parentage of the Rev. Joseph Anthony is unknown.

4.  Franky [probably Frances] Farris, named as Franky Martin in the will.  It is thought her husband was William Martin.  Another researcher gave me a birth date for Franky as 30 Jun 1771, but no substantiation for this date.

5.  Martha Farris was called Patsy Penn in the will.  Her son William Penn was one of the executors of the will of Jacob Farris, along with Jacob's son, Josiah.  Some believe she was likely older than her sister Franky, but was left until last in the will as she received a larger share and her grandson was one of the Executors.  Martha married George Penn, 8 Dec 1784, Henry Co VA.  George Penn was one of the witnesses to the will of Jacob Farris.  Both George and Martha died in Rutherford Co. TN in 1828.  I believe they both have probate records there.  George Penn was on a tax list in Henry Co VA in 1790, but not there in 1800, so perhaps they had already gone to Tennessee by that year.

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