Monday, July 2, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 27

Week 27: Genealogy Publications. Genealogy publications are great for education and entertainment. Which one is your favorite? Who is the publisher? Why do you like this publication? How has it enhanced your own family history experience? Share any details you want potential readers to know about including features, articles, style, etc.

There are so many and I enjoy reading them all.  My very favorite is a family surname newsletter - one that is no longer being published.  Don Collins started a newsletter on the Mabry/Maybury/Mayberry [and other spellings!] family in 1995, published quarterly.  It was first titled The Mabry Family but was changed to the spelling The Maybury Family in 2005 after more about our English ancestors became evident.  Through the years Mr. Collins always printed interesting family stories and the progress of the Y-DNA study, keeping all of us up to date on new discoveries.  He has also published two books on the family.  Mr. Collins ceased publication of the newsletter with the Fall 2011 issue.  I miss it!   Some back issues can still be obtained by writing to Mr. Collins and he still maintains a webpage with Maybury family information:  The Maybury Family

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