Saturday, June 9, 2012

52 Weeks of Abundant Genealogy - Week 23

Hey!  I've passed the halfway point and I'm still posting the Week's fun.  I doubted I could stick to this when I started...

Week 23: Family Traditions: For which family tradition are you most thankful? How did the tradition start? Which family members have been responsible for keeping the tradition alive and how has it shaped your own family history?

Our Family Tradition has long been to change the traditions!  A good example would be that all the children of my maternal grandmother always tried to make the trek back "home" for Christmas. This was an expected and required trip.  I usually go to the home of one of my children instead - it's much easier for a single person to travel during the holidays.  And we don't all live near each other as in days past.  We do have the tradition of a big Christmas dinner - but the food changes from year to year.  Each of my children's households follows a bit different celebration and they do have some small traditions within their families that they generally perpetuate. However, all of us feel free to adjust to the occasion!  One consistent tradition that has persisted from my household to theirs is that we all overstuff Christmas stockings with small wonderful treasures and surprises.  
I would have to say that our family tradition at Christmas is to express the love we have for each other.  That is our constant.  We have a strong family and I believe one of the reasons is that we are able to adapt as time and situations change.

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