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Children of William Haden (ca 1741-1819) Part I - Sally, James, and Joseph

The next few posts will be about the children of William Haden, son of John, grandson of Anthony of Goochland and Hanover Counties.  As there are eleven children, I will not cite sources in these posts listing the children and grandchildren, but feel free to email me if you want additional information, or visit my website linked on the right-hand side of the Blog.  My purpose is not to provide here everything I have found, but to alert the unsuspecting to many of the errors that have been perpetuated regarding the family.

1. Sarah "Sally" Haden, b. perhaps 1774, died prior to October of 1808, Logan Co, KY.

William Haden's first child was probably Sarah "Sally the elder" born perhaps about 1772-74 in Goochland, if she was a child of his first wife Judith Moorman.  This is a marriage record not found, but is a tradition in both the Moorman and Haden families.  However, there is also a possibility that Sally was not the eldest and was therefore a child of William Haden's wife, Ann Johnson, whose mother's name was Sarah.  Apparently the first two sons were born quite close together, and the first born a years after the marriage  - if Sally wasn't the eldest, she was likely the third child.  Sally married Thomas Proctor as his second wife, probably in Fayette Co KY, circa 1796-1798 - a place where the marriage records for this time period were lost in a fire.  There is a great deal of mis-information about Thomas Proctor and their children, but I will deal with that in another post.  Thomas married Rebecca Maxwell on 27 Oct 1808, Logan Co KY, so Sally had died after the birth of her third daughter, also named Sally, born circa 1806 and before this marriage to Rebecca Maxwell.  Thomas Proctor died in June of 1841, leaving his will which by its construction, indicates his children from three different marriages.  Thomas and Sally Haden Proctor had three daughters and had only three daughters as proved by several documents during the settlement of Sally's father's estate in the 1820's.   The daughters were:
...Mary "Polly" Proctor who married Benjamin Porter, 23 Sep 1819.  They had one child, Clark Thomas Porter, b. in May of 1822.  Polly died before Oct 1823; perhaps she had died in childbirth. 
...Aurora Proctor, born 11 Sep 1804 according to descendants, married William Hoy, 2 Jan 1822 in Madison Co, Mississippi.  They had at least eight children.  Aurora died sometime after the 1860 census in Madison Co MS.
...Sally J. Proctor, born Jan 1806, married William Whitsitt Ewing. 11 Jun 1825, Logan Co KY and they had a daughter Mary Ellen, named in the settlement of her grandfather's [Reuben Ewing's] estate.  William died prior to May of 1827 and Sally married a second time, to William Palmer, 26 Nov 1828, Logan Co KY.  Sally died 10 Mar 1849, Warren Co KY.

2.  James H. Haden, b. 13 Nov 1776, Goochland Co, VA, d. bef December 1822, Logan Co, KY.

James is seen with the middle initial, but there is no known record of his middle name; possibly it was Harris, since his maternal grandmother was Sarah Harris.  His birth date has been passed down in family papers, but the original source lost.  James married Rebecca S. [probably Smith] Morton, daughter of William Morton and Elizabeth Hite Smith, probably in Fayette Co KY, as both the Mortons and Hadens were living there.  Both families moved to Logan Co, although some of the Morton offspring remained in Lexington.  There are found two Morton families in Logan Co - that of this William Morton and the family of William Jordan Morton.  These two men and their rather large families of children have been confused although there are deeds of property division after the deaths of both men that clearly state their heirs.  James and Rebecca had eight children and their eldest son Jefferson actually married one of the younger daughters of William Jordan Morton.   The children of James H. Haden, named in guardianship records, property divisions and estate disputes, were:
...Jefferson Haden, b. ca 1803, Logan Co KY, d. before March of 1857; married Elizabeth Morton, daughter of William Jordan Morton Sr. and Martha Pryor, on 21 Oct 1824, Logan Co.  They had six children.
...Nancy F. Haden, born before 1805, died before 1835; married Josiah Newman 2 Aug 1824, Logan Co and they moved to Madison Co MS prior to her death .  They had five children.
...William Morton Haden was born about 1808.  He married Eliza R. Newman [her kinship to Josiah not known, but likely there is one].  They married 28 Apr 1828, Jefferson Co, MS.  Possibly he had gone to visit his sister Nancy...  They lived in Mississippi for a few years, but returned to Logan Co where the family can be found in the 1860 and 1870 censuses.  William and Eliza had seven known children.
...Emily J. Haden, born 27 Nov 1809, died 17 Apr 1892, Logan Co KY, married Joseph Rogers, son of Reuben Rogers and his wife Hannah or Harriet Price, on 2 Sep 1828, Logan Co.  They had thirteen children.  Emily and Joseph are both buried in Price-Rogers Cemetery in Logan Co.
...Elizabeth H. Haden, born circa 1810, died 9 Jul 1840, married Nathaniel H. Felts, son of Augustine Felts & Phebe Rose, May of 1825, Logan Co.  They had at least seven children.
...Mary Morton Haden, b. perhaps 1813, died before March of 1843, married James M. Devlin on 14 Jan 1840, Attala Co, Mississippi.  He apparently died soon after the marriage.  Mary M. Devlin wrote her will, 25 Feb 1841, leaving all her possessions to her mother; her brother Jefferson to be her executor.
...Harriet S. R. Haden, born 1817, married Richard H. Cook, 30 May 1832, in Logan Co KY.  In 1850 they were living in Logan Co and had five children.
...James Haden, born about 1820, married Maria T. Wilson, daughter of Samuel Wilson, 7 Dec 1837, Logan Co.  The Ancestral File of the LDS church has perpetuated a date of death for James in 1834, but that is an error.  By 1841, James and wife were living in Madison Co, MS, and are in the Koscisuko, Attala Co MS, census in 1850.  In 1859, he was listed as a party to ongoing disputes concerning the inheritance of his parents.  No children known.

3.  Joseph Haden was born perhaps about 1777; a date of 10 Jan 1777 exists, but like the date of James's birth, no documentation for that date can now be found.  The births of most of William's children are reasonable estimates, based on marriage dates, their appearance on tax rolls, etc. - the date in 1777 is a reasonable one.  Joseph died prior to October of 1824 in Washington County, MD, where his wife's family lived.  However, his property was in Logan Co KY.  Joseph married Eleanor "Ellen/ Nelly" Thomas, daughter of John Thomas and Eleanor Breathed.  Eleanor Breathed was a sister to William Breathitt who settled in Logan Co, father of Gov. John Breathitt.  The surname remained as "Breathed" in Maryland, although it became "Breathitt" in Kentucky.  Since the marriage took place in Logan County, 13 Jan 1813, Ellen must have been visiting her cousins when the couple met and married.  They traveled back and forth between Hagerstown, MD and Logan Co, KY several times during their relatively short marriage.  In the 1820 census, they were living in neighboring Todd Co, KY but the settlement of Joseph's estate took place in Logan Co.  Joseph accepted guardianship of two of his younger brother John's orphaned sons in 1820, guardianship of a young widowed niece in 1822, and administration of his brother James's estate in April 1823, but then his own estate was appraised in October of 1824.   Years later, a newspaper article would refer to Joseph's wife as a "Breathitt" confusing the identification of Joseph's wife; Ellen's mother was the Breathitt.  Ellen did not remarry after Joseph's death, but made her home with her sons; she died 1856 in Muhlenburg Co KY and is buried on what was the property of her eldest son.  Two sons were born to Joseph and Ellen:
...George W. Haden, was born 4 Dec 1813, Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD, and died 10 Nov 1904, Greenville, Muhlenberg Co, KY.  George was born at his grandparents home in Hagerstown and later related the oft-told story that he was brought to Kentucky on horseback at six months of age.  He married Lucy Slaughter, daughter of James Clayton Slaugter and Amanda Pocahontas Morton [a granddaughter of William Jordan Morton, Sr], 28 Apr 1851, in Logan Co KY.  Goerge and Lucy and eight children.  He was living in Muhlenberg Co before 1840 and that is where the couple remained for the rest of their lives.  They are buried in what is now called Haden Cemetery, Muhlenberg County, on what was George's farm, along with some of their children who died young, his mother and his younger brother.
...Ranney B. Haden, was born 17 Mar 1816, most likely in Logan County as the family is said to have moved over to Todd Co in 1818.  Ranney, also seen as Rainey, Ranny, and even more peculiar spellings, is a given name found in the Breathed family back in Maryland; possible it was derived from a surname.  There was born in Logan Co in the same year a John M. Haden, or more likely his name was Hadden, who later married Nancy C. Neel - several researchers have assumed this was the second son of Joseph and Ellen, but they were wrong.  There was an extensive Hadden family, no relation, also living in Logan Co on the Red River, and on the Butler County line - most became residents of Butler Co when it was formed from Logan.  The Neels were neighbors of the Haddens.  The various clerks in Logan Co had difficulty with the Haden/Hadden spelling.  In the documents of the long-drawn out settlement of Ranney's Haden grandfather, the sons of Joseph, who was by then deceased, are named as George and Ranney.  In 1850, Ranney, still a single man, and his mother were living with George in Muhlenberg County.  Ranney died in 1855:
Muhlenberg Co KY 1855 Deaths.
Rumsey [sic] Haden 38 Male, Born: Logan Co., KY Father: Joseph Haden; Place of Death: Pond Creek; died May 4 of a Fever ; Occupation: Farmer
Both Ranney and his mother Ellen are buried in the Haden graveyard along with George's family.

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  1. Jefferson Haden was my great great great grandfather. In the 1990's my father's cousin Lucy McCarley (Grew up in Bowling Green, KY, lived in Nashville, TN as adult) sent my father a 5 page history of the Hayden Family. She died in 2007 and my father died in 2005 and I never discussed the document with them, but found it in my father's files. You have probably researched these sources, but Lucy cites Sue S. Haydon of Harrodsburg, KY, "The Morton Kin"-Haden Family collected by Harriet Wright Smith, Columbia, MO, a forward by Daniel Morton, "Men Whom I remember" by George D. Blakey, Russellville Herald 1878 and quotes Byron C. Haden b. 1870 whose mother died when he was 6mo old and he was raised by my great great grandmother, Sarah Morton Haden Holland. Lucy mentions that Byron made a family tree and she thought it was likely with his daughter Mrs. Ruth Taylor in Bowling Green, KY. I have a photograph of Sarah Morton Haden Holland, Dr. James T. Holland (her husband) and their daughter Lucy Holland McCarley (my great great grandmother) about 1870.