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Haden Family - Anthony of Goochland, Part III

I once heard a professional genealogist make this recommendation. 
"If you have a theory or premise about an ancestor and can find no record to support that theory, perhaps you should look again at the theory."
If Anthony Haden was born in England and immigrated as a young adult, there should be some record.

Many persons have looked for evidence of Anthony Haden's birth/marriage in England without any success.  One researcher alerted me to the parish records of Ryton Parish, County Durham, as he believed he had found the entry for Anthony Haden's marriage.  Examination of the LDS Microfilm #0814230 revealed this marriage.
1711, Oct 28 Anthony Haddon and Mary Duglas, Winlaton [Home of many Douglas families]  The researcher thought "Mary" might have been mistaken for "Marg" an abbreviation of Margaret, but I did not agree - the name was plainly Mary.  As I read through the records, the surname was often written as "Hawdon".

There are other records, possibly of the same Anthony, or maybe not.
Bapt 12 Jul 1685 Antho s. ______ [unreadable, could be any other surname...]
Burial 8 Feb 1688 Antho Hadden of Colebournes
Bapt 18 Aug 1706 Will, s Antho Hawdon of Sibdon   [this child born before the marriage record]
Marriage 28 Oct 1711  Anthony Haddon & Mry Duglas, Winlaton
Bapt 6 Feb 1725 John s. of Anthony Haddon of Batehouse   [born 14 years after the marriage record above and no children earlier/between - seems there were children baptized elsewhere or this isn't the same man]

The surname Hawdon is recorded as early as 1606 and continues through the end of these records in 1808. I suspect these as perhaps being the same family with the name pronounced as “haw-den” with the “haw” to rhyme with the call of a crow as in “caw”. This could explain the use of the double d, rather than the spelling as Hayden. Today in the UK, the name Haden/Hayden is pronounced almost as High-den which explains the reason behind the phonetic Haiden spelling seen early in the colonies. Those with the spelling as Hawden included Ann, Anthony, Catherine, Cutbert, Elizabeth, George, Isabel, Jane, John, Joseph, Magdalene, Mary, Ralph, Thomasin, William.

The film with the Ryton records has other records from parishes in Durham. The surname Hawdon also occurs in Whickham, Stanhope, & St. Margaret’s. Whitburn records included baptisms, burials, and marriages and the surname Haton was prevalent here, never Hawden – there was a single occurrence of the surname Haddon: 1586 Feb 29 Elizabethe Haddon was buried. The surname Douglas was seldom present in these other parishes.
The problems with the parish records are these.  To start with, I do not believe that this is the same surname.  If Anthony Haden of Goochland was born in 1694 as indicated in the Bible record - he did not marry in 1711.  The bride was Mary, not Margaret.  The same Jouett Bible records contains a birthdate for John Haden, believed to be the eldest child of Anthony & Margaret as 10 May 1723.  In England the custom was to baptize soon after birth - the John Haddon, son of Anthony of Ryton Parish was baptized in February of 1725, and it seems most unlikely he would have been the first child of a couple married in 1711 in a time of no birth control methods.
No other parish records have been found that even come close.
Anthony Haden of Goochland has been linked to a manor known as Haddon Hall in England.  Some suggest he was born there, and have even altered the name to "Haden Hall", but Haddon Hall was the name of the manor, not the name of the family that lived in it.   Here is a webpage complete with pictures and floorplan and a map: 
"Haddon Hall is a fortified medieval manor house dating from the 12 th Century, and is the home of Lord and Lady Edward Manners whose family have owned it since 1567."  and
"Haddon Hall is probably the finest example of a fortified medieval manor house in existence. Present-day Haddon Hall dates from the 12th Century to the early 17th Century, whereupon it lay dormant for over two hundred years from 1700 until the 1920s, when the 9th Duke and Duchess of Rutland restored the house and gardens, and once again made it habitable."
It is open to visitors from April to October, located near Rowsley in Derbyshire.

There is a tradition Anthony was "of Norfolk" in England.  Nothing can be been found to support this.  Some give the location of Haddon Hall as Norfolk to make it "fit".  Not.  Since English surnames were often derived from places, it is not impossible that some form of the name - Haden, Hadden, Hawden - did originate from the area near the Hall in Derbyshire.  It is always possible that some tradition of Anthony's family being from the area of Norfolk in England did persist in the family, but the grain of truth could have been that it was some generations earlier and not Anthony himself.

Anthony Haden has been given ancestors.  Again, they are "traditional" ancestors.  And, I think I found the original source of these "ancestors" and it was not even Anthony's family, but the family of Thomas Haydon of Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

There was a periodical published for a short time by a man named Charles Hayden who lived in Chicago, called The Hayden Family.  An article was published in 1929, prior to all of the books regarding the Haden family as given in the first "Anthony of Goochland" Blog.  I believe the early researchers had access to this article.
From  Vol I. No. 2. Second Quarter. April 1, 1929 p.59.

Copy of letter from Harrodsburg KY, dated Sep 4, 1928 to Charles Hayden [editor]
Dear Sir:
The papers I sent you through Mr. Hutton need not be returned, as I am very glad the opportunity was afforded me to give you the information in regard to the Haydon family.
My husband was Ezekiel Haydon, son of Ezekiel W. Haydon and grandson of William Haydon who lived in Jassamine [sic] County Kentucky. My maiden name was Sue S. Stephenson, daughter of Thomas Stephenson who was in the war of 1812. I am now in my eighty fourth year and I am enjoying wonderful health.
There is no stone in "The Pioneer Cemetery" (Kentucky's First Cemetery) marked Noah Hayden though there is some unmarked graves.
I hope you come to Kentucky some time and look up the Haydons of whom you may be proud to acknowlege as relations.
Thanking you again I am very sincerely your friend and kindred.
Mrs. Sue S. Haydon
An editor's note is at the bottom of the page "Anthony Haydon line"
But he was wrong.....

Here is the lady's Haydon husband's genealogy.
Susan Stephenson married 30 Jan 1862, to Ezekiel Waller Haydon, born 17 May 1836 in Kentucky and died 9 Sep 1897 in Independence, MO.  Ezekiel was the son of another Ezekiel, born 10 Oct 1793, Jessamine Co KY, died 1844 in Kentucky - married to Jane Dale, 19 Sep 1820, Woodford Co KY.  The elder Ezekiel was the son of William Haydon Jr., born circa 1766, Spotsylvania Co, VA, married Sarah Garnett, and died 1838, Jessamine Co KY.    William was in turn the son of John Haydon, born 1728, Northumberland Co VA, married possibly to Christan Brown and then to Lucy Morton, 31 Jan 1765, Spotslyvania Co.  John died Jul 1801 in Jessamine Co, KY, leaving a will that named Lucy and fifteen children - one of whom was probably the Noah whose grave Mrs. Sue Haydon could not find.  John was the son of Thomas Haydon, , born circa 1698, Northumberland Co VA, died 1782, Spotsylvania Co VA and Thomas's father was another Thomas, born 1640, England, died 1717, Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co, VA.

Then in a later edition of The Hayden Family is apparently more of the data sent to Charles Haden from Mrs. Sue Haydon.
Vol 1, No. 4. Fourth Quarter. October 1, 1929 p. 166
Editor's note at the top of the page "Anthony Haydon line"
The article says:
"John Haydon" Born 1600; Beheaded 1656. "A man of herculean size and strength feet in height, weighing 320 lbs. and to have valiently handled on many a bloody field, a sword which weighed 26 lbs....  He was beheaded with many others for his principles..... his only regreat was that he did not live long enough to see his son James, hanged for espousing the cause of the Royalist."
After the paragraph about these men, John and James Haydon there is this note:
This record furnished by Sue S. Haydon.
"This line is traced on down through James born 1626 in England, Samuel born 1649 in England.  Anthony born 1694 in England and emigranted to Amera.  (Genealogy of the Haydon family obtained from John Haydon, who made the synopsis from the original record kept in the family of his father, which was unfortuately burned with his father's residence many years since.)
I have no positive proof at present but have reasons to work on the supposition that Anthony and Thomas Haydon of Spotsylvania Co VA were brothers. I find their descendants married in families of the same name."

On the next page, page 167, Douglas C. Vest, Assistant Attorney General of the commonwealth of Kentucky wrote a letter apparently in response to an earlier article:
"Mr. William Haydon of Frankfort, KY, has recently shown me a letter written to by you.  As my mother was a Haydon (Owen Co, KY) I am interested in tracing the line back as far as possible. 
By records in this state, we can directly trace back as far as William Haydon, who a resident of Lexington in 1779, and was my great-great-great-grandfather.  Can you give me the date of William Haydon's birth and death and tell me whether or not, he was the son of Anthony Haydon Sr who came to America.
I desire to tell you that the records of Woodford Co KY show that, John Haydon, b. Va. 1723, d. Ky. July 1801, m. Lucy Dale, widow of John Dale. 
If John was the son of Anthony Sr. how could he have been born in Va. in 1723?  Anthony came to America according to your records in 1730.

The editor printed in a footnote the following. "There is a flaw in the records furnished by Mrs. Sue Haydon, probably a typographical error. I hope to have an answer soon."

Now what I know that Mr. Douglas Vest did not is that William Haydon his ggg grandfather actually owned the land where Lexington would be located.  I received documents from the Kentucky Land Office about him when I inquired about my husband's William Haden of Logan Co KY who was about the same age.  Mr. Vest's William Haydon was a half-brother to John Haydon who married Lucy Dale.  John Haydon who married Lucy Dale was born 1728, not 1723.  1723 was actually the year that John Haden, son of Anthony was born instead of John Haydon, son of Thomas Haydon of Spotsylvania Co.  This is not the first time that I've evidence of confusing cross-over between the two different families.

My observations:  No answer from the editor seemed to be forthcoming in the volumes that exist. There was no further explanation of the flaw in the records. But in the years to come, traditions concerning Anthony's ancestors as Samuel, James, and John appear.  This publication seems to be the origin as the later stories are very similar.  As is evident to me, if these men whose actual record has long since been lost were anyone's ancestors, they were ancestors of Thomas Haydon, who was born circa 1640 in England, since the records were handed down in his family [and lost years earlier in a fire].  Even then, there are serious problems with the dates compared to what records can now be found and researchers of Thomas Haydon don't claim them, either.  No one has produced any records of these English Haydon martyrs.  It would also appear since the date of 1694 for Anthony's birth, which is from the Jouett Bible record, as well as the birth of a John in 1723 have appeared in this picture - that perhaps information about the Anthony Haden family had appeared at some other time in an edition of The Hayden Family  Only a handful of editions survive, filmed by the LDS.  The July edition of 1929 which was between the two quoted above, had nothing about Anthony's family, but possibly something had been printed earlier prior to the receipt of the letter by Mrs. Sue S. Haydon.

Anthony could not have been part of these traditions of the Haydon family and the Haydons left many record tracks in Virginia. DNA has proved these families are not related.  Good solid research has adequately separated these two families and sorted out the various Johns and Williams.  I can point out that the name "Anthony" doesn't occur among the many descendants of Thomas Haydon.  There are other names, such as Jarvis, that appear often in the Thomas Haydon family that do not ever appear among Anthony's descendants.

It is very true that descendants of both Thomas Haydon's family and descendants of Anthony Haden's family married into the same family. However, that happened in Missouri, and not until the 1830's. Abner Haydon married Amanda Kirtley, 15 Feb 1838, in Boone Co, MO. Abner was a grandson of the John Haydon who married Lucy Dale. Amanda's sister Zerelda married Joel Harris Haden, 4 Jul 1838, Boone Co, MO., and after Zerelda's death, Joel Harris married another Kirtley sister, Sarah, on 18 Sep 1872. Joel Harris Haden was a great, great grandson of Anthony of Goochland. By one of those strange quirks of fate, members of both families had migrated from Virginia to Kentucky and on to Missouri, along with the tide of those headed west.  They had not arrived in Missouri by the same route, as the families did not live in any of the same counties in Kentucky, nor had they lived near each other in Virginia.

Now there are a few other "traditions" that must be examined in the next post.

Note:  I did not include this earlier.  The entries from the Bible of Capt. Jack Jouett were published in Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 3 #4, Apr 1968. The Bible itself was published in 1803.  Many of the entries were timely.  The sheet pinned in the Bible traced the earlier three generations of William Dabney Haden's family - many of these dates can be proved with other records.

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